Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat granted with ‘Best evolution to future broadband’ award

Company Airbus
Date 23.05.2018

Winner out of five finalists, Airbus’ smartphone and TETRA radio in one triumphed during the International Critical Communications Award ceremony

Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat has been awarded “Best evolution to future broadband” during the annual International Critical Communications Awards, which took place recently at the Critical Communications World (CCW) in Berlin.

The International Critical Communication Awards were initially established to celebrate the achievements of Tetra manufacturers and users. Split into 9 different categories, the awards have been designed to recognise excellence in the field of Tetra radio communications.

In this category, the 11 judges from around the globe were looking for examples of industry-leading innovation and engineering ingenuity in the integration of future broadband capabilities with wireless solutions, products and services. They identified Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat solution as the forerunner in the dual use of both Tetra and Broadband networks.

“We are thrilled to have been granted this award, which is the ultimate recognition of the excellence of our products, and especially the Tactilon Dabat” said Eric Davalo, Head of Strategic Development for Secure Land Comunications at Airbus. “Our Dabat is the very first smartphone and Tetra radio combined in one device. It has numerous advanced features, enables the users to carry-out multiple tasks at once, and offers a rigid security concept and public safety applications.”

Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat enables audio and video group communication, disposes of a voice-optimised speaker and highly secure safeguards. It fully meets the evolving needs of Critical communications users. The mission-critical multitask smartphone offers a lighter, simpler, more ergonomic solution along with applications and built in security, whilst pushing the boundaries of current thinking towards the future world of broadband.

On top of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) functionalities and broadband features it disposes of Airbus certified applications which have been specifically designed to provide the required level of security. Thanks to the new applications developer programme linked with the Tactilon Dabat; SmarTWISP, developers now have a dedicated platform for innovation and the development of secure professional applications.

The Tactilon Dabat has been showcased recently during the CCW exhibition, stands A 70, B 90, and C100, Hall 22a, Berlin Messe. More information about the Tactilon Dabat and the SmarTWISP programme is available on the following website:


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