INFORM GmbH - Active Cooperation and Information Exchange at Zurich Airport

Company INFORM GmbH
Date 11.07.2016

INFORM Zurich-User-GroupWhat initially was planned as a meeting of Zurich Airport, Swissport and Swiss International Air Lines to exchange operations information of mutual interest, now includes INFORM as the common provider of software solutions to support those operations.

Putting forward the idea of bringing together all of the Zurich-based users of INFORM’s GroundStar suite to share data, best practices, new insights, and product details, ISS, dnata Switzerland, Gategourmet and Cargologic have joined the group.

Uschi Schulte-Sasse, SVP of INFORM’s Aviation Division, said

“We at INFORM believe that this is a very valuable and beneficial way of creating improvement in line with, and building on, the underlying idea of A-CDM. We hope that other airports would also be inspired to start a similar initiative.”


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