ABC Proudly Announces its Latest Collaboration with SouthWest Airlines on Cabin Branding Supply

Company ABC International
Date 10.10.2019

The Italian “Cabin Branding Specialists” have just landed to United States to bring the iconic corporate “Heart” on board of Southwest Airlines B737.  ABC INTERNATIONAL is proud to have been, once again, selected by a leading and brand oriented Airline to carry on the branding strategy on board.

Southwest Airlines has always given a primary role to the corporate image, bringing its “Heart” to be one of the most recognized logos, not only in the commercial aviation market, but in every corner of the world.

As a leading and pioneer carrier, Southwest Airlines is an high demanding and accurate customer which gives great attention to details. The merging of ABC expertise in cabin branding and SWA attitude, made this partnership successful, giving the birth to a unique on board product for a remarkable and customized travel experience.

Since the beginning, we were aware of the challenging scenario, considering the valuable customer we had the pleasure to work with”, stated Mr. Olindo Spatola, VP Engineering and Programs within ABC INTERNATIONAL. “Starting from SWA corporate colours, we manufactured several samples to, firstly, match perfectly the iconic yellow, blue and red of SWA and, later on, to assess the grade of polishing effect on the chrome base of the heart”.

Working with SWA has been a prestigious achievement for myself and all ABC team.” Mr. Spatola continues. “I would like, first of all, thank SWA for believing in our capabilities and all
my team for the incredible effort in taking care of every requirements and “hidden” details of such a leading, and obviously challenging customer”.

In order to reflect the exclusivity of the logo, and align it with airworthiness regulation and standards, ABC International R&D team has put a strong effort in selecting the most suitable
materials and technologies to give the most eye-catching solution.
Starting from a conventional use of aluminum, ABC International was facing several issue into the achievement of the desired chrome surface.
The need to have a lightweight solution and, above all, to match the polished effect required by Customer leaded ABC International technical team to realize that a polycarbonate option would
have brought the desired effect.

As a result of that, SWA branding element is made of lightweight injected polycarbonate, varnished with aeronautical painting with a detailed focus on the distance between the different
blue, yellow and red stripes , as strictly required by Customer to match the real essence of the logo.
ABC International delivered more than one hundred “Hearts” to Southwest as part of the newest Heart Interiors, launched for first time in 2016 and hopefully much more will come in the near

The challenging Customer made the project harder than it was expected to be, considering the “never ending” Southwest list of requirements”, Mr. Spatola concludes smiling. “Perhaps, at the
end of the day, it’s not important how difficult it was if the final result makes your customer satisfied, as Southwest Airlines was!”.


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