ABC International of Italy Obtains Full DOA Appoval by EASA (EASA.21J.529) To Better Support Its Customer Base on Cabin Interiors Modifications

Company ABC International
Date 17.04.2018

DOA approval is an important add-on to the Italian company expertise that shall enable to better serve the Aviation Industry with more integrated service packages by gaining in competitiveness and increased added value delivered to its customer base worldwide

After the successful completion of the assessment done by the designated EASA officer, ABC INTERNATIONAL has been granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency with the DOA Part21J approval by early March 2018. The DOA number assigned to ABC INTERNATIONAL is EASA.21J.529.

ABC INTERNATIONAL DOA Scope of Approval is related to any type of cabin interiors modifications (including LOPA change, seats and monuments installation, EPA parts design and certification) and external schemes, placards and markings.

This important achievement well combined with the high/consolidated company skill and background on cabin interiors design and manufacturing shall allow to reach an ever higher level of competitiveness and fastness in serving the airlines and leasing companies with integrated packages.

“ABC INTERNATIONAL, also thanks to the airline background experience of some of its executives has a specific knowledge of airlines operational environment and a specific ability to understand what is “behind the scenes” of a request coming from any single airline.” – explains Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO and founder of ABC – “This is an indisputable advantage in tailor making each time a specific package (usually a combination of engineering services, design, certification and related hardware kit whenever required) in response to any single query we receive from each customer”.

“Nowadays I firmly believe this is the right approach to the market. Indeed if you want to better serve your customers you have to well understand what is the real need behind their request.” – keep saying D’Ambrosio – “This is crucial to deliver real added value and added value is the only way to be successful and guarantee a solid growing path to the company over the long term. We specifically target small and medium sized airlines which require an high level of customization and unique solution for their requests. Sometime their requests are complex and need a very wide array of skills and competences to be settled. Also an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain helps a lot in this endeavor and we have it! Finally you must go always fast, fast, fast.”

Olindo Spatola, VP Engineering and HDO at ABC focuses even more his attention on the leasing companies for their importance as perspective customers where to look at and to invest. “Leasing companies especially during the a/c end-of-lease activities where the key completive factors are a prompt responsiveness to the RFP (usually to respond and submit a proposal within the same day we receive the request), a fast turn-around and the lowest possible involvement of the Customer are elements of a DOA offer very high valued by them (this is because the leasing company very often does not know about the history and pre-mod status of the aircraft as they are the legal owners but not the operator) – concentrates his words Spatola – “If you know all this you can offer a better service and ABC knows this and is equipped to support those specific needs. We have a large database of pre-mod data and technical publications and if something specific is necessary on a MSN we are working on, we go directly and ask to ‘the last operator’, avoiding as much as we can to involve (disturb…) the leasing company that could only do the same and ask to the ‘last operator’ as well. We use a shortcut on the communication chain and allow to gain time while reducing complexity. This is added value to the industry in my opinion” concludes Spatola.

Thanks to the DOA approval ABC INTERNATIONAL that is mainly known in the aircraft interiors industry as a prime contractor and supplier of cabin branding elements will also gain advantage in its core activity of Cabin Branding Specialist. Indeed Cabin branding projects shall also be approved directly by ABC under its own DOA approval by allowing the company improved lead-times and definitely the optimization design effort in providing the industry with ever better designed and high quality branding elements for the cabins of airliners across the five continents.


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