A 'hot' item with benefits that 'drawer' attention. Here's why!

Company Direct Air Flow
Date 02.06.2021

Last year we added our ATLAS standard superlight polypropylene drawer to our offerable product range. The addition of this item into our on hand stock portfolio has proven to be a success.

Our airline industry customers appreciate the benefits!

  • ​It is one of the lightest ATLAS standard dual runner polypropylene catering drawers currently available that is suitable for use in the aviation industry. Empty weight only 583 grams!
  • Easy to add into catering operations as it is interstackable with most ATLAS standard drawers in the market.
  • Our unique anti-catching feature ensures smooth drawer operation by preventing contents catching on the underside of the drawer.
  • Remains strong and durable with a loading capacity of up to 10 kg.
  • Available from stock and ready to ship from our dispatch centre based in Nuth, The Netherlands.

We invite you to learn more about our ATLAS standard ‘Superlight’ dual runner polypropylene drawer. Use the hyperlink below to go straight to the product page:

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