A budding new family member in full bloom

Company A. Darbo AG
Date 25.06.2018

From July 2018, Darbo is expanding its wide range of honey for the foodservice industry with handy 8g honey sticks in a carton of 80 items.

The light and mild blossom honey is ideal for sweetening tea and other drinks, for enhancing muesli or yoghurt or with classic honey rolls. Thanks to its handy size, the new product is not only ideally suitable for breakfast buffets, but also for room service, takeaways, airlines and wherever space is at a premium.

The beautiful designed presentation of the new honey sticks in a range of languages will also appeal to international guests. Restaurateurs can, as ever, count on Darbo‘s many years of experience in selecting and sourcing honey. Available in well-stocked foodservice wholesalers.


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