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  • Insulation Blankets

    Aircraft interiors: Insulation Blankets Geven / Skytecno started in 1984 with Insulation Blankets Production & Installation on regional aircraft ATR-72 & ATR-42 as Alenia Supplier. Today Skytecno has the full capability and capacity: to design and develop …
  • Blankets

    DESCRIPTION: These inflight blankets could be used both as a matter of promotional items and flight commodities. MATERIALS: Polyester, fleece, wool, cashmere. MOQ: 5000 pcs with custom paint 500 pcs with jacquard logo
  • Comfort Amenity

    Polyester and Fleece Blanket, keep warm and lightweight to be carried, Fire Retardant, safe for travel. Different colors available to be spoken; Pillow, Cover and Duvet to offer the passengers a cozy and pleasant flying experience, …
  • Bandall TRB Series

    The Bandall TRB serie conveys products into the banding arch using motorised conveyor belts. These conveyor belts can be low friction or high friction, depending on the type of product to be banded. The TRB …
  • Bandall Fully Automatic Banding Machines

    Bandall's fully automatic banding installations meet virtually all bundling and banding requirements. The base unit is standard, but thanks to countless optional and modular variations, each machine can be designed fully according to preference. The …
  • Bandall Stacking and Bundling

    Bandall also supplies solutions specifically for stacking and bundling. From stacks of 2 or other multiples and products of all sizes, we have the solution. One example is the Bandall TRLS-ST fully automatic stacking and …
  • Stand-alone Bandall banding machines

    The range of stand-alone Bandall units consists of a standard line which varies in standard arch widths and arch heights. The channel widths can also vary for the processing of various band widths (28, 40, …
  • Thermal Cover for Lower Decks

    Thermal cover for pharmaceuticals and perishable in Lower deck size that is protecting the temperature sensitive goods from temperature excursions till the destination. This solution need to be placed under the ULD net and goes …
  • Thermal Cover for Main Decks

    Thermal cover for pharmaceuticals and perishable in main deck size that is protecting the temperature sensitive goods from temperature excursions till the destination. This solution need to be placed under the ULD net and goes …
  • Direct Air Flow – Blankets, pillows and headrest covers – Cabin interior products – Immediate delivery

    Direct Air Flow supply disposable blankets, pillows and headrest covers suitable for all aircraft cabin interiors. We can fulfil orders for a variety of colour options and different material textures. Our Direct Air Flow sales team …


1-10 of 19 results
  • Bandall B.V.

    Banding In-Flight Items and Meals to Increase Sustainability

     Established in 1990, Dutch company Bandall develops, manufactures and distributes their bundling and banding solutions worldwide. Since the introduction of Bandall’s advanced banding equipment in 1997, it is now banding in more than 100 countries …
  • Skytecno

    Skytecno is the best-in-its-class for Monument, Floor Panels and Insulation Systems.

    Geven Group introduces Skytecno as the division devoted to Aircraft Interiors. Business diversification and rationalization strategy puts Skytecno in the best-in- its- class for Monument, Floor Panels and Insulation Systems. As a result of the Company Vision, …
  • AVID Products, Inc.

    Airline In-flight Entertainment Headsets, Passenger Amenities, Toiletries and Passenger Comfort Products

    AVID introduced the world's first in-flight entertainment headsets in 1962. We remain the pioneer and leading IFE headset supplier to the world's airline industry. Our manufacturing expertise has allowed AVID to expand our product offerings to …

    Airline Travel Accesssories, Promotional Items & In-flight Amenities

    Half Budget has been in operation since 2008 in 5 countries and 12 time zones. The company started its business with general promotional gifts and premiums supplies before expanding its business to supply airlines. Nowadays the airline …
  • deSter GmbH

    Provider of In-Flight Equipment Solutions & Supply Chain

    deSter is a renowned provider of equipment solutions for airlines worldwide, ranging from design to logistics. Its in-house design studio and global network of experts have won a number of international awards, including the red …
  • Geven SpA

    Geven is an affirmed and established industrial reality throughout the aviation industry.

    Our reliability, dedication and professionalism makes us an undisputed and renowned player in the circle of great leaders in the Aircraft Seating and Interiors manufacturing industry. It is our mission to continue our growth, increase …

    Designer & Supplier of Inflight Comfort Products Which Enhance Passengers Flying Experience

    Designer & Supplier of inflight comfort products, our objective is to enhance passengers flying experience, keeping a focus on safety & sustainability.​ Our amenity kits and all our products which are used in the cabin are …
  • MdG Srl

    Cargo Cold Chain Solution Provider for Temperature Sensitive Shipments

     MdG is a young and innovative company based in Rome providing special solutions to airport cargo handling and ground handling companies. Our core business is to provide products and services linked to cold chain requirements …
  • Aeroservey Product Co., Ltd

    Leading Inflight Food Package Manufacturer Supporting Airlines Deliver Excellent Onboard Passenger Service Worldwide.

    Aeroservey is a leading provider of onboard service and food packaging Manufacturer. We understand the importance for passenger’s travel experience and committed to develop innovative travel concept to meet the growing demands. We have our own product …
  • Malton Inflight

    World-Leading Supplier of Hygiene, Catering and Passenger Comfort Items

    Malton Inflight is the world’s leading provider of hygiene, catering and passenger comfort items. Every day millions of passengers are benefitting from the products we design, manufacture and supply. Designed in London, crafted in Shanghai and …
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