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  • Hygienic face shield

    Personal protective equipment is a screen in the form of a plate, rounded at the edges, with straps on the head.
  • Snood

    A wearable, stylish alternative to face masks. Bumpaa™ snoods are treated with ViralOff® technology and come in 12 vibrant shades. Bumpaa snoods can be customised with your own design from as few as 50 pieces. Breathable …
  • Reusable textile gloves

    The gloves give the wearer protection from a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Another benefit is that the textile technology in the gloves is washable and reusable, offering a far more sustainable option than …
  • Hand sanitizer

    The universal hand sanitizer has a high antimicrobial activity, providing a prolonged disinfecting effect. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, the product is effective against the most common types of bacteria, microbes and …
  • Antiviral Fabric Gloves

    Bumpaa™ antiviral gloves bring an innovative solution for this winter, combining warmth with built-in protection. These high quality, touchscreen enabled gloves are treated with ViralOff® technology, helping to reduce virus and bacteria on the fabric …
  • ECO Jumbo Toilet Rolls (Pack of 6)

    Our Recycled Toilet paper roll is made of bleached waste paper, two-layer. It has excellent characteristics: strength, comfort, softness. A large volume of winding allows you to use the roll for a long time in …
  • Dura-MaxTM Protective Sneeze Shield

    One size 6 ways to use one size sneeze guard High impact clear plastic, no cracking Excellent chemical resistance to all sanitizers and cleaning agents Features: Lightweight Very stable support stand Portable Non-flammable material Branding possible
  • Hand sanitizer gel single-use packets

    Hand sanitizer gel single-use packets provide advanced hand sanitization in a convenient and portable packet. Kills 99.99% of germs. Perfect for common areas.
  • Transparent sanitary mask

    Transparent sanitary mask is an innovative and patented product that not only enhances the sanitary level of your business, but also enables you to communicate with your customers with your smile visible thanks to the …
  • Silicone baby wristbands with sanitizer container

    HanzGard is perfect for busy people who want to make sure that their hands are clean. Simply apply pressure to dispense the liquid, and you can sanitize your hands immediately, without reaching into your backpack …
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