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  • Travel Kits

    DESCRIPTION: Classic kit for the First and Business class passengers KIT INCLUDES: That depends on the needs; different items might be purchased separately. MOQ: 1000 pcs with custom colors 500 pcs with just the logo
  • De Stress Kit with SERENITY all-natural Intention

    Stress and excessive worry about air travel can affect many of us, passengers and employees With the gentle essence of our SERENITY Intention simply unwind, calm your mind and feel at peace and tranquil, with a …
  • Jet Lag Recovery Kit

    With the need to overcome jet Lag quickly and smoothly as possible, we have wrapped up together in a beautiful designed envelope, 3 of our Intentions: SWEET DREAMS: Drift into a restful and restorative night of …
  • Turn Down Service

    Sleep is one of the most important aspects to life and good health. The SWEET DREAMS formula sets the perfect foundation for a deep, restorative night of sleep. Indulge your customers with holistic experience and set yourself …
  • Luxury Refill Wood Service Tray, 3 / 6 Servings

    For premium complementary we have specially designed this elegant refill service tray with the option to display 3 or 6 servings. The tray dimensions are: 110 mm length X 90 mm width X 20 mm …
  • Luxury Refill Wood Presentation Box

    An elegant designed wood box with a lid neatly displaying Conscious Water servings: Six individual sachets of each of our selected Intentions plus, a generous collection of wooden stirrers. Our wooden box is perfect to present Conscious Water …
  • Conscious Water Duty Free Gifting

    Renew your Duty-Free options with: Conscious Water 30 Packs: An opportunity to enjoy Conscious Water holistic lifestyle everyday with our beautifully designed 30 packs with 30 Servings in: VARIETY 30 Pack: 5 servings of each of our …
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