Thales Cogent Single Finger Scanner DactyID20


DactyID20 is a compact single-finger livescan FBI/PIV certified offering a superior built-in fake finger detection system.
 This makes the DactyID20 the best choice especially for unattended applications like kiosks, pc/network-login, time and attendance and many others. Its hardware based antifake detection systems is tested to resist spoofing attacks with all known materials.

DactyID20 is available also in OEM version to be integrated in third party devices. It’s compatible with both mobile and desktop operating systems. Included with its SDK there all the needed features to support the fingerprint acquisition process such as image quality evaluation, elimination of latent prints and automatic start and stop.

FAP: 20
Fingerprints type: Flat
Scanning Area: 0.8’ x 0.7’
Dimensions: 50 x 68 x 43mm – 0.14Kgs
Interface: USB 2.0
OS Support: Windows, Linux, Android
LFD: Supported by hardware & software