Thales Cogent Dual Finger Scanner DS40p


The DactyScan40p is a compact FAP45 certified fingerprint scanner integrating a 12 three color leds based graphical user interface to facilitate the acquisition process. It can be used in a wide range of applications where dual, rolled and flat fingerprint acquisition is required: eID enrolment, voter registration, border control and other public authority related applications.

The scanner can be provided with a Fake finger Detection Solution in order to identify fake fingers This solution is software based and does not require any hardware upgrade for the installed base. The opto-electronic module called FSM40 is available to third Parties who need a small, reliable and spoofing proof Livescan built into embedded solutions like ATMs, POS, kiosk and on.

FAP: 45
Fingerprints type: Flat, Rolled
Scanning Area: 1.6’ x 1.6’
Dimensions: 85 x 124 x 80mm – 0.5Kgs
Interface: USB 2.0
OS Support: Windows, Linux, Android
LFD: Supported