Sureclean Wired Power Backpack Sprayer / Fogger


Flexible use-this electric backpack atomizer sprayer is equipped with a long and soft hose to make it easier to spray the disinfectant to the location you want. Backpack vest design makes it more comfortable and easy to carry

Ultra-low volume/volume atomizer-The atomizer can spray up to 500 square feet (approximately 92.7 square meters) of chemical/liquid to maximize the effect of atomization. By adjusting the screw, you can easily change the flow rate of the atomizer used halfway. Average particle size is 20 to 50 microns; ideal for ULV spraying needs.

Wide application: suitable for spraying in airports, hotels, houses, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants; disinfection of schools and public places; cars, trains, ships, airplanes, warehouses, greenhouses

  • material: plastic
  • Water tank capacity: 10L
  • Plug type: 110V / 220v
  • Power: 1400W
  • Particle size: 5-50μm
  • Effective coverage: 6-12 meters/26.2 feet-39.4 feet
  • Power supply type: motor
  • Size: about 47×19×48 cm

Sectors for Use
Gyms, Health Clubs, Spas and Salons, Daycares, schools, universities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical and Dental Facilities, Restaurants, Food Service and Kitchens, Ambulances and First Responders, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores, Theatres, Stadiums, Amusements Parks, Hotel and Cruise Ships, Airports, Airport Lounges, Airport Open spaces, Airline Offices etc.

Germclean Disinfectant
99.99% effective against SARs and CoVid2 (including CoVId 19)
30 days antimicrobial efficacy