Reusable Cotton Pads


With reusable cotton pads, you go to bed with peace of mind. They make you feel good for several reasons. Firstly, they function as well as the disposable ones that you are used to. Probably even better as they are slightly bigger.

They are also softer than the disposable ones, which often consist of cotton only. There is a difference because these reusable cotton pads consist of both cotton and bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre has several advantages: it is super soft, and it has an antibacterial effect. Excellent to remove your make-up extra well!

Another advantage of these reusable cotton pads is that they have three different layers. An extra thick inner layer ensures that the shape remains the same and that you can use both sides without any discomfort. Being able to use both sides makes the pads even more durable, and thus sustainable.

  • Mesh bag
  • Three-layer pad
  • Two usable sides
  • Machine-washable
  • Larger than disposable pads
  • Mix of cotton and bamboo fibre