Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System - AURA


THE BEST and MOST COST-EFFECTIVE Way to Disinfect an aircraft.  Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System (AURA) is quick, safe and all-encompassing  in disinfecting aircraft and other modes of transportation. A  narrow body aircraft can be deep disinfected in 10 mins.  Used together with AVIATION grade Germclean disinfectant that is 99.99% effective against SARs and CoVid 2 it is the 1st of its kind to effectively provide antimicrobial residual effect for 30 days for the aviation industry. Built in the form of a galley cart it dispenses electrostatically charged particles through 6 multi-directional nozzles which mists the chemical onto all surfaces in the aircraft cabin effectively and consistently and at a fraction of the time it currently takes to disinfect an aircraft. It mists out Germclean Aviation Grade Disinfectant, lab tested and proven effective against Bacteria and Viruses including CoVid 19 and has a 30-day residual lasting effect.

Rapid Aircraft Disinfection

  • 10 mins disinfection for a narrow aircraft
  • 15-20 mins for a wide body aircraft ) or 10 mins if 2 AURAs deployed.
  • Electrostatically charged nozzles to ensure proper and even spread
  • Battery operated (Battery life depending on option selected 30mins to 120 mins)

Germclean Disinfectant

  • AMS 1452C and AMS 1453A approved
  • BSS7434 approved
  • Boeing NTO, pending Airbus NTO
  • 99.99% effective against SARs and CoVid2 (including CoVId 19)
  • 30 days antimicrobial efficacy