Pochetta Cutlery Pouch


The Pochetta cutlery sleeve offers everything: cutlery, napkin, bag – complete and ready! ELAGPochetta has further advantages.

  • Time savings: one swift movement and the table is set. And clearing the table is also much quicker than with conventional cutlery.
  • 1: 0, hygiene takes the lead. Cutlery and napkin are pre-packaged and meet hygiene standards. One Pochetta for one guest. Clean and simple.
  • Also outdoors: ELAGPochetta stays at its place.
  • Individual and personal: ELAGPochetta is available in different designs. Subtle or multi-coloured you decide. As an option, ELAGPochetta can be designed with a logo, slogan or used as an advertising platform.
  • With FSC certified paper, this cutlery pouch is an eco-friendly solution, and a much-adopted in-flight catering product, also available with disposable wooden cutlery.
  • Pochetta is also a great asset for airport restaurants.

85 x 190 mm

330 x 330 mm, 2-ply, white

Boxes with 350 units.


  • time saving
  • included napkin
  • hygienic


  • universal & with every meal
  • indoor & outdoor