MSA Latchways WinGrip Barrier System


The WinGrip Barrier System provides solutions for working at heights on aircraft during manufacture and maintenance.

System can be installed by one person and when set up, provides enclosed environment for unlimited workers for any time duration. The WinGrip Barrier System reduces fall risk by providing superior safety at heights; workers require only basic training to work within the system without need of harnesses and lanyards. System consists of upright stanchions connected at the base to a WinGrip System vacuum pad. Stanchion interface is fully adjustable and ensures that correct installation can be achieved on any undulating surface.

Horizontal rails are adjustable in length and angle that allows any system shape to be installed and adjusted at any time. Systems can be supplied to enclose any size area from 10 sq. ft. (1 m2) to an aircraft’s entire upper surface.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Can be used independently; no need for additional modules or pads
  • Uses no electricity; suitable for use within both wet and dry conditions
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Compliant with all relevant worldwide standards such as ANSI and CE certification
  • Enables the users to work at height without harness once the system is set-up
  • Ideal for Long position works as antenna changes, WIFI upgrades, wing repairs