MediSeptic Hand Sanitizer Station

Touchless and alcohol-free
  • Ensures even application with lasting protection for two hours within 1,5 seconds
  • Voice guidance via integrated loudspeakers & LCD monitor
  • Optional streaming of commercials

The highly innovative anti-infective device enables touchless hand disinfection and ensures even application and protection.

In combination with the MediSeptic Antiinfectant A50 agent, it is possible, for the first time in the history of hand disinfection, to offer complete and lasting protection for two hours within seconds. This is particularly critical in times of pandemics, but also for the permanent prevention of new infections through cross-contamination in all areas of public life. These include retail establishments, company/business offices, schools and universities, airports and train stations, football stadiums, gyms and many more.

  • Touchless hand disinfection / sanitizing
  • Optional: Infrared fever-screening thermal camera
  • Animated operating instructions
  • 15.6″ display
  • Voice guidance via integrated loudspeakers
  • Electronic monitoring through
    • light reflection sensor
    • real-time hand recognition
  • Motion sensors
  • Disinfection of both hands in less than two seconds
  • Possible to integrate access control, time recording, etc.
  • USB storage and bluetooth
  • GSM and WLAN capable
  • Device control via app
  • CE/UL marking
  • Plug-in operation