Erasable Notebook – Stone Paper


Meet MOYU – Earth’s favorite notebook company.

Moyu offers rewritable, tree-free and climate friendly notebooks made of stonepaper.

Moyu is on a mission to stop single use paper, drastically decrease deforestation and save as many trees as possible. This will make a profoundly positive impact on the effects of climate change. We also plant a tree for every notebook sold, so we can help re-green our planet.

MOYU notebooks and other stationery items are produced without trees, water and bleach. The ink on the pages is easily erased with a damp cloth (leaving no stains or traces behind) and the pages can be rewritten up to 500 times.

Even though stonepaper is still a relatively new and unknown material, more and more people are switching to writing on stonepaper. Not only because of the sustainable aspect of it, but it also makes it easier for its users to create more overview and structure in notes, tasks and projects. Every letter on every page can be erased, which means one can start with a clean slate every single day.

The combination of writing with a pen and the thicker stone paper provides a more comfortable writing experience than normal paper. Due to the erasable character of the thicker, water-repellent stone paper, every page is endlessly erasable with a damp cloth. The high quality that the stone paper is made of ensures complete erasability in one swipe, even after leaving notes for months.

  • Different Sizes Available
  • Customize Cover
  • To-do-lists, weekly planners & agendas