Conceived and designed to address with the utmost care and innovation the needs of Long Haul travel in the economy class section of aircraft cabins.

Elemento is conceived and designed to address with utmost care and innovation the needs of long haul travel in the economy class sections of the aircraft cabin.

Elemento can boast greatly enhanced comfort and ergonomics, apt at optimizing living space, whilst limiting weight, and count of expendables, not however, at the expense of reliability or range of offerable options, so vital as differentiators between carriers on the long haul routes.

Elemento can multi-task accross aircraft type platforms, equally applicable to long-haul narrow-body aircrafts as to all the major twin aisle wide-bodies.

Ideal therefore especially for the achievement of product commonality on mixed aircraft type fleets – all in rigorously Italian Style.


  • innovative patented Wave system cradle
  • cross platform versatility
  • possibility to integrate today’s larger IFE system monitors

Seat Options

  • Rear cup holder
  • Water bottle holder integrated with lower literature pocket
  • Bi-fold back mounted meal tray table
  • Upper amenity pocket compatible only with bi-fold table
  • USB/Power outlet units
  • Customizable Trim&Finish
  • 4/6 way adjustable headrest
  • Headrest Privacy panels
  • Back Mounted Video (up to 13,3’’)
  • PED holder