PROmateTM Rapid qPCRTest


PROmateTM COVID-19 is an RT-qPCR test for on-site screening as used in the NHS

PROmate has been developed with the NHS to provide fast and cost-effective point-of- care testing for COVID-19.

PROmate is manufactured in the UK and uses patented technology to streamline the testing process, making it quicker, simpler and a significantly lower cost than standard laboratory based RT-PCR tests. This streamlined process ensures that testing may be performed on-site by any suitably qualified personnel.

  • Evaluated and approved for use by the NHS by the DHSC.
  • No RNA extraction enabling a processing time of 60 mins.
  • Weekly updates to validate detection of all known variants of SARS-CoV-2 RNA.
  • Uses anterior nasal swabbing that can be self-administered under medical supervision that significantly increases throughput and reduces costs.
  • Integration with the Yoti GDPR compliant digital identify app means the testing process is streamlined, secure and paper-free. Results are sent automatically to employee’s phone.

Why PROmate?

PROmate brings rapid COVID-19 PCR testing onsite to travel hubs and workplaces. Onsite testing is vital for industries where people are in close proximity, such as ports, airports, manufacturing facilities and film and TV production.

Unlike most PCR tests, PROmate’s innovative technology means that the test processing time is only one hour. In addition, the Katalyst Laboratories GDPR compliant streamlined workflow means that results are sent automatically to people’s mobile phones.

PROmate offers significant cost savings and control as all testing can be done on site.

As a RT-PCR test PROmate is considered to be a WHO Gold Standard test and is accepted for entry into other countries.

Department of Health and Social Care Clinical Trial

PROmate is approved by DHSC for use as a point-of-care test in the NHS. The DHSC technical evaluation is available upon request.

Other PCR Tests

Katalyt Laboratories also offers Exsig another NHS used and approved PCR test that offers a Total Workflow Solution for laboratory-based PCR testing within 90 mins.

This product includes sample preparation reagents, specifically designed for the inactivation and preparation of COVID-19 diagnosis from dry swabs as well as the genesig coronavirus (COVID-19) CE IVD qPCR assay.

The optimised chemistry within provides a rapid, simple protocol to facilitate increase in laboratory’s screening capabilities.

Exsig offers 100% sensitivity, 99.7% specificity and is approved for Test To Release (TTR).