Cork Toiletry Bag – Amenity Bag


You go on a trip for the weekend. For a relaxing getaway. What do you take with you? In any case, your toiletries. You collect all your animal-friendly and plastic-free items. You’re pleased with them, as they make you feel responsible. But then. Your toiletry bag. Immediately, you see it’s not environmentally friendly and plastic-free at all.

That good feeling is gone. The fact that there is still room for improvement confronts you. Even though you’re doing great already. You end up with a feeling that it’s not good enough yet. It must be the last thing you wanted, right before getting away.

This cork toiletry bag works as a medicine against this kind of unpleasant confrontations. Take it with you for carefree and enjoyable trips. Also, with this bag, you give something back to nature. Why? Because the toiletry bag consists solely of cork.

Cork is a super durable material. By peeling off the bark of the cork oak, you get the cork. Feeling sorry for the tree? No need at all. By peeling cork oaks once every nine years, they live up to 2.5x longer than usual. That’s why peeled oaks remove much more CO2 from the air. They become up to 200 years old instead of just 80. You bet the trees like this.

  • Made in Portugal
  • Organic cork
  • 20x15x5cm