bee*pure Bio Cleaner Universal

Maintenance Cleaner
  • Biotechnological universal cleaner for all surfaces.
  • Cleans quickly, thoroughly and removes odours.
  • Ideal for stainless steel, ceramic tiles, melamine, polymer, sealed wood,
  • glass, mirror, marble, granite, plastics and other water-resistant materials.


Universal Bio Cleaner is a biotechnological universal cleaner for all surfaces, especially for glass. It cleans quickly, thoroughly and removes odours. The technology is based on the combination of biologically readily degradable surfactants, active fermentation extracts and microorganisms. The precisely coordinated ingredients achieve extraordinary cleaning results and completely dispense with the use of acids and bases. bee*pure® Bio Cleaners are pH neutral. The fermentation extracts act on the impurities and dissolve them. The microorganisms achieve deep cleaning of hard to reach places and at the same time remove unpleasant odours.