The 12th Digital Aviation Forum, successfully took place in Moscow on May 23

Event Digital Aviation Forum 2019
Organiser ATO Events
Event Date 23.05.2019
Press Release Date 29.05.2019

Digitalisation of the air transport industry was discussed at the 12th International Digital Aviation Forum, which took place on May 23 in Moscow 

Attended by more than 300 industry experts, including representatives of leading airlines and airports, technology providers and industry analysts, all learned about current key aviation industry digitalisation trends. They heard that the digital aviation revolution is for the benefit of every passenger.

“Today, air transport is facing the need to carry out another revolution, and this revolution is definitely linked to information technology in the area of customer interaction,” states Boris Rybak, chief executive of Infomost Consulting at the opening of the Digital Aviation Forum. “New digital solutions open up new opportunities not only for airlines and airports, but also for each passenger,” he adds.

A successful digital strategy is today built around the client. With this approach, all participants become united, notes Jouni Oksanen, senior vice-president of e-commerce, sales and marketing at AirBaltic. He adds that understanding current customer needs is the best tool for predicting future travel trends and requirements.

Alexey Yarosh, head of electronic communications at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, insists that any customer journey begins with better awareness of the client. “We need to work to aggregate the client’s profile, linking it with PNR and PNL data, do Wi-Fi triangulation, link purchases, all of which describes the user in the market place and so on. And to use this data [well] we need to be tactful and elegant.”

Switching on combined interests

Forum panel discussions are a regular favourite format for discussing relevant topics at these events.

Igor Khokhlov, director of production for IT systems at Sheremetyevo International Airport, states: “It is very important to share information and experiences so that information about best practices is accumulated [and shared] among industry information agencies that combine airports and airlines.”

The introduction of new digital technologies also makes it possible to increase the efficiency of airport ground operations. That is why the airport of the future will be a complete ecosystem in which the focus on data comes first, and the interaction of all systems is then carried out with maximum efficiency.

The forum’s agenda included digital trends and forecasts, the modernisation of reservations systems using One Order, NDC content capabilities, virtual interlining, changes in the GDPR industry, new technologies for airports and airlines, as well as current trends in the passenger experience and the better monetisation of the customer experience.

This year, 38 speakers took part in the conference’s business programme. Among them were: Christian Baillet, director of airline account management for central and southern Europe at Amadeus; Pavel Voronin, deputy general director for information technologies at S7 Group; Marco Pici, SITA’s head of business development, airport operations and IT partnerships in the Europe region; Konstantin Demanov, deputy director of sales at Aeroflot – Russian Airlines; Alexander Beley, director, Aeronavigator; and Dmitry Yakovlev, project manager at Yandex Travel and many others.

Future outlook

The 2019 Digital Aviation Forum proved again that it has become a unique high professional level platform for participants to identify and discuss the most pressing digitalisation issues facing the aviation industry in Russia. The forum offered an opportunity to investigate the technological future of travel.

Improving the efficiency of airports and air carriers, the development of advanced technologies and new digital solutions: all of these tasks should be addressed through the formation of common ecosystems that will build effective interactions between the various participants in the transport process.

The event was organised by ATO Events with the support of the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators and the International Airports Association.

General sponsor: Amadeus
General Industry partner: S7 Technics
Sponsor: SITA, Sirena Travel
Sponsorship: Saber, DialogueScience