Multi-Functional Ultra High Speed Face Recognition - On Show!​

Event Passenger Terminal EXPO 2021
Organiser UKi Media & Events Ltd.
Event Date 28.06.2021
Press Release Date 09.02.2017

Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE 2017
14, 15 & 16 March 2017
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Face Recognition Technology Offers Ultra High Speed For Multiple Applications and Security by Detection/Screening ‘Wanted’ Individuals

3M Identity Management will be presenting its 3M Live Face Identification System (LFIS), which makes use of low quality video images to solve problems around an airport.

For the last 10 years, general IT technological developments and biometrics R&D have combined to improve the speed and accuracy of facial recognition, to the point where technology consistently beats the human being. Technology is now able to capture and match faces, confirming a process or generating an alert – whilst the human being focuses on what we do best, greeting people and assessing behaviors.

The system from 3M offers high- accuracy combined with versatility, matching faces of passengers and individuals in the airport less than one second from capture, and can be used to help verify the passenger is the rightful owner of their e-ID or e-Passport, at check-in, bag drop or gate boarding, at border control or at ABC gates and kiosks.

The technology is able to help secure an airport by looking for the presence of wanted individuals whose faces are available on police databases, as well as ensuring that employees with secure access are not swapping their IDs. Queue measurement is also possible.

LFIS processes images gathered from a variety of source, including compliant CCTV cameras, webcams and mobile phone cameras. Using 3Ms LFIS Restful Web Interface, the system is easily integrated into airport operations databases, video management systems and check-in systems.

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