International Brazil Air Show expects to move R $1bn in business

Event IBAS – International Brazil Air Show
Organiser Sator Eventos
Event Date 29.03.2017
Press Release Date 07.02.2017

In order to bring together the largest players in the civil aviation sector and airport infrastructure in one place, IBAS – International Brazil Air Show, will take place at Tom Jobim International Airport – RIOgaleão – March and April 2, 2017.

With an investment of more than 3 million, the event will bring together important agents to discuss perspectives and solutions for the sector. In Brazil, the airline sector accounts for 1.3% of GDP, and is responsible for about 1.6 million jobs, including the tourist trade. “The Brazilian market presents enormous opportunities for development. One example is the investment of R $ 8.5 billion in the coming years, predicted by the BNDES, in the process of airport concessions, “said Paula Faria, executive director of Sator, organizer of the event.

In November, the Federal Government announced the concession of four more airports. “Our expectation is to move businesses around R $ 1 billion over the five days,” says Paula. IBAS will be the largest national event after the Olympics and the first of its kind in Brazil.

The Brazilian market is very promising. National companies have more than 600 aircraft in commercial aviation, with the Brazilian executive fleet being the third largest in the world, with 1,650 aircraft, behind only Mexico and the United States. This means that 5% of the world executive fleet is in Brazilian lands.


In general, optimism is the watchword for the Brazilian aviation market. The Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation estimates that by 2020 the Regional Aviation Program should receive R $ 1.2 billion in investments, R $ 300 million per year from 2017. These are funds of the National Aviation Fund Civil), composed of aviation fees and grants, and which can only be invested in the sector itself.

To crown the good phase, Embraer, the world’s third-largest aircraft maker, behind only Boeing and Airbus, announced in 2014 the launch of an aerospace investment fund in conjunction with the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDES) and two other partners, with initial equity of R $ 131.3 million. Only in 2015, the BNDES allocated about R $ 1 billion of direct disbursement to the aeronautical sector.

Boeing recently stated that the 2015 Market Outlook (CMO) predicts that Latin American airlines will buy more than 3,000 aircraft valued at $ 350 billion over the next 20 years – with more than 40% To Brazilian companies.


According to the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), one-third of all global trade in value is transported by road and aviation is a key component of global business. To get an idea, in 2014 almost 120 million passengers were transported on domestic and international flights. The aviation sector, and related, generates 1.2 million jobs. If we add the tourism area to the list, the number reaches 1.6 million.

To reinforce the promising Brazilian scenario, Claudio Jorge Pinto Alves, Vice Rector of the Aeronautical Technological Institute (ITA), emphasizes that the country has 711 public airfields, but only 120 operate regular commercial aviation. In addition, data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) indicate that out of 3 billion passengers per year worldwide, 30,000 of them in Latin America alone.

The IBAS will have a program specially designed to attract international audiences to the event, such as business roundtables, debates and seminars.

For the first time in Brazil, the Wings of Change (WoC) will bring together the leaders of the air transport industry, aeronautical authorities and representatives of the public sector, airline and airport executives, regulators, service providers and tourism authorities to discuss the Opportunities and challenges of the aviation industry. IATA (International Air Transport Association), which brings together some 265 airlines worldwide, equivalent to 83% of total air traffic, organizes WoC.

Landings Latin America will propose discussions and alternatives for air integration in the continent and the development of new routes. The promotion of aviation by encouraging tourism is also on the agenda of the seminar. The initiative, in partnership with PANROTAS, focuses mainly on the CEOs of airlines, airports, tourism companies and government authorities, bringing together the most important influencers of these markets.

Flight Deck Matters, an initiative of the IBAS – International Brazil Air Show, will aim to discuss the challenges for the viability of effective operations in general aviation, simplifying the processes and procedures performed by pilots and training of labor. In addition, it will discuss the current impediments of the infrastructure destined to the sector, the clearance of regulatory, administrative and customs processes of the segment. The discussions will provide a clear picture of the new challenges, threats and opportunities in the industry, analyzing new requirements for compliance, scenario and short, medium and long-term forecast

Business Aviation Trends has as its main purpose to stimulate debates on aircraft optimization and utilization trends, as well as to discuss important topics to increase the use of business aviation in Latin America, taking into account the importance of general aviation as a vector of development Economic and showing the potential of executive aviation as a precursor of entrepreneurship, generating income for the entire country.

Aerospace Day, a seminar conducted by the IBAS in conjunction with the São José dos Campos Technology Park, focuses on the aerospace chain and the economic development of the sector, the seminar seeks to show the potential of the aerospace sector in Brazil and the opportunities of the Brazilian market for This branch Among the issues addressed will be questions related to the main actors of the Brazilian aerospace market, business opportunities in the country, market innovation, supplier guidelines, among others.

The IBAS also brings the Women in Aviation seminar to promote discussions about encouraging women’s participation in aviation in Latin America and recognizing the pioneers who have brought historical contributions to the sector.

The Brazilian Civil Aviation Secretariat has chosen IBAS to host its first Seminar on Technology and Innovation for Airports, which seeks to discuss and present the latest technological innovations that can improve the development of airport operations in Brazil.


For aviation enthusiasts, but not necessarily included in the business universe and debates of the segment, IBAS has prepared a special program with exhibition of aircraft and equipment, aerial shows, flight simulators, recreational activities, kids space, souvenir sales And cultural exhibitions.

The IBAS will also be the stage of the first Edition of the CAB – Brazilian Aerodrome Confederation Award – that will recognize the athletes and those involved who make the Aerodrome their gateway to the Brazilian and World Aviation. The CAB will confer Diplomas to the top 10 classifiers of each sporting modality, national and international record holders, celebrities and defenders of Aerostar 2016. Among those honored are parachutists, balloon pilots, paragliders, hang gliders, ultralights, model airplanes, and para-motors, Gliders, acrobats and new modalities that with technique and professionalism color our sky from north to south.

Inspired by events such as the French Le Bourget and the American International Air & Space Fair (FIDAE), the IBAS will occupy an area of ​​approximately 50 thousand square meters in Terminal 1 passenger and expects to receive about 80 thousand people. From March 29 to 31, access will be restricted to professionals and executives of the aeronautical sector; Already on April 1 and 2nd; the event will be open to the public, with ticket sales at the box office. “For all that Brazil represents for the segment, the country deserves an event of this magnitude”, reinforces Paula Faria.

The organization is preparing a series of presentations at Galeão and Copacabana Beach. Soon the grid with programming will be available.


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