Fragment Free Non Splintering Materials For Explosive Risk Architecture - On Show

Event Passenger Terminal EXPO 2021
Organiser UKi Media & Events Ltd.
Event Date 28.06.2021
Press Release Date 10.02.2017

Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE 2017
14, 15 & 16 March 2017
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Undetectable to Passengers These ‘Normal’ Looking Finishes Provide Protection In The Event of Explosive and Other Attacks in Terminals

The Lindner Group will be presenting Lindner Secure, its new product range bomb-blast enhanced products, developed in response to the increasing demand for enhanced security environments.

With a heightened risk of terrorist activity, where political unrest and religious tensions are playing out on an international stage, it is unfortunately necessary to assess any public structure that sees the gathering of large numbers of people – from airports and stadia to shopping centres, hospitals and law courts – in the context of bomb-blast security.

The range of products is designed to provide architects and designers with the tools and systems they need to create blast-enhanced environments without compromising design excellence. A comprehensive system of facades, partition walling, suspended ceilings and raised floors, with complementary products including waste bins is available which meets security best practice without detracting from aesthetic or functional performance and importantly without inspiring public fear or paranoia.

Usually these surfaces and materials carry huge potential of injury or even cause death by released splinters. The tested Lindner systems are designed to ensure that dangerous fragmentation does not occur. The company says that its Lindner Secure products are elegant, unobtrusive and effective, integrating seamlessly into architectural schemes of all scales to ensure safety is quite literally ‘designed in’.

The Lindner Group specialises in producing and installing products for the interior and the building envelope of airports, offices, railway stations and institutional buildings. It offers integrated design of manufactured products such as ceiling systems, floor systems, lighting systems, heating/cooling technologies, wall linings and claddings, doors, roofing systems and façades.

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