Flight Ops IT outline agenda announced for Aerospace Tech Week

Organiser Torch Marketing
Event Date 03.11.2021
Press Release Date 17.09.2019

Flight Ops IT is the latest conference programme track to be launched at the growing Aerospace Tech Week exhibition and conference to be held on 18th-19th March 2020 at the Diagora Congress Center in Toulouse, France.

Flight Ops IT – Enhancing Flight Operations Solutions

Launching in 2020, Flight Ops IT will cover all the software systems that airlines use for flight planning, aircraft scheduling, performance calculations, weather data, fuel efficiency, operations control, ground operations management, pilot training, paperless manuals, etc.

The conference organisers are delighted to announce the outline agenda for the Conference Programme that will deliver high quality discussions for airlines and the aircraft support systems and services.

Preliminary Conference Topics include:

The Business Case and Use Case for Flight Ops IT
A well-established use case motivates airlines to investigate new Flight Ops technologies, while the business case quantifies these benefits and encourages investment. This session addresses the ‘combined business case’; that is, the importance of partnerships between airline departments in addition to third party providers. An IT support team’s role in realising potentials is also addressed.

EFB Operational Use & Regulations
The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has been in operational use for some time, however implementation and use is closely regulated. The regulatory framework is summarised, and benefits analysed via real use cases. Maximising the use of the EFB requires integration of various data sources, and subsequent training for Flight Crews on effective use of these technologies. Explore key considerations here.

Additional Operational Drivers
When one considers Flight Ops IT, the EFB is a leading factor. Yet there is a wealth of additional benefits on offer other than fuel savings and efficient route planning; process efficiencies and greater operational reliability are recognised here. To define these wider operational drivers, real-time data, weather ‘nowcasts’, and ground handling / line maintenance efficiencies are explored, combined with an appreciation of Flight Ops IT in the overall enhancement of Flight Safety.

Data – Standardisation, Management and Analysis
An airline’s ability to ingest and analyse flight data efficiently, then filter effectively to pilots via a suite of EFB applications is complex but of key importance. Interfacing different applications to communicate and process data is one aspect, while assimilating various data standards, codes and formats from a mixed fleet of aircraft is another. Learn from the experiences of airlines, OEMs and software providers.

Development and progression are vital aspects of technology. Join this session to see what is evolving to benefit flight operations, and what innovations can / will extract additional value for airlines. The capabilities offered by new and emerging aircraft types are discussed, in addition to an exploration of what other industries are doing and how this might inspire aviation’s own technological endeavours.

Conflict between Flight Ops and Maintenance – able bedfellows!
How can MRO IT and Flight Ops IT best work together for maximum efficiency and minimise turnaround times? With the advent of paperless aviation, where does TechLogs, EFBs and CabinLogs converge and how can the supply chain best support the airlines to ensure complex decisions are made easier?

Further details, including international expert speakers, will be announced soon at www.AerospaceTechWeek.com.

Aerospace Technology Week
Aerospace Tech Week is the annual gathering of the world’s leading aerospace companies to discuss and develop the systems and solutions to meet the needs of the evolving commercial aviation and aerospace defence industries. The show brings you the latest developments in aircraft connectivity (air-to-ground and nose-to-tail), airline e-Enablement, flight operations software, fuel efficiency, MRO software, regulatory, policy, technical SES and next-generation challenges for avionics, plus the testing systems that affect the design, construction and maintenance of all commercial and military aircraft (both hardware and software).

Bringing together the best aspects for aerospace technology, Aerospace Technology Week, comprising of Avionics, Connected Aircraft, Aerospace Testing, Flight Ops IT, MRO IT and Future Airborne Capability Environment delivers greater connectivity between these exciting, fast moving aerospace industry sectors.

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