Download the Annual Aviation MRO Summit Brochure

Press Release Date 02.09.2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Annual Aviation MRO Summit, which will take place on 29-30 November 2016 in Munich, Germany. The summit will delve into the latest trends in regional and global aviation MRO environment, and it will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the recent projects and technological advances within Aviation MRO directly from the inspirational speakers.

Besides the individual presentations, the event is meant to provide an active networking platform for the participants, which will help them with reviewing their strategies and creating solid future plans. The summit will provide an inspiring environment for further discussions, and it will offer new tools for evaluating current business plans. Networking breaks will give the possibility for the industry leaders to gather together and discuss about the future projections and the risks and potential behind new ideas.

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

  • Regional and Global Aviation MRO Trends
  • Airworthiness Requirements and Maintaining Airworthiness Standards > Efficient Airline and MRO Partnerships
  • Next Generation Technology and Future Predictions
  • Predictive Maintenance and Engine Monitoring
  • Perspectives on Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing
  • Global Supply Chain and MRO Aftermarket Logistics
  • Performance Restoration and Part Replacements

To download the Annual Aviation MRO Summit Brochure click here.

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