Chemring Technology Solutions Launches World’s Highest Energy Radio Initiator

Event Security & Counter Terror Expo 2018
Organiser Clarion Events
Event Date 06.03.2018
Press Release Date 09.03.2018

Chemring Technology Solutions today launches LORIS (Long-range Radio Initiator System), a remote explosives initiator system which supports EOD/IEDD, unexploded ordnance (UXO) disposal, SF, demolition and other military engineering applications.

LORIS can deliver a substantially increased firing circuit energy output, believed to be the highest output of any radio initiator system currently available on the market to support the global increase in the use of safety detonators by military engineers.

LORIS also provides optimum flexibility for the Remote Initiation Devices (“RIDs”). These can be uniquely configured for each mission deployment by the end user. This replaces the traditional rigid method where devices are pre-configured at the point of manufacture, and can therefore significantly reduce fleet inventory. The handheld controller can be paired prior to deployment with up to ten RIDs, which can then be remotely interrogated and selectively fired, offering both wire output and shock tube (non-electric) RID variants.

LORIS’s highly intuitive user interface optimises the use of icons, with the status of all deployed RIDs visible on a single screen maximising the data presentation in the most efficient format for ease of interpretation. These new innovations significantly reduce the training burden and help minimise the effect of language barriers.

The LORIS system uses a state of the art securely coded two-way digital communication radio system to maximise safety and reliability of use with an operating range in excess of 10km line of sight. A rugged system safety-key inhibits transmission of arming and firing commands thus preventing inadvertent receiver initiation. Until the safety key is inserted in the handheld controller, the system is rendered safe, reducing the risk of human error during periods where remote initiation devices and associated energetic materials are deployed in the field.

Jon Leech, Counter IED Product Manager at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “LORIS builds on our forty year pedigree of delivering market firsts and world-leading sensors and effectors. The launch of LORIS marks a significant step-change in the RF initiator market, future-proofing our offering whilst delivering a reliable remote firing capability. This will enable military engineering, SF, IEDD/EOD and UXO teams to react faster and more flexibly to the increasingly diverse and enhanced threats they face. LORIS is highly secure and gives operators greater mission flexibility, while minimising training and inventory requirement – ultimately supporting them in achieving their mission more safely and effectively.”

The new LORIS system will be launched at SCTX on the Chemring Technology Solutions’ Stand (C22).


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