Boarding Gate Reader Innovation Showcased By Access Is - On Show

Event Passenger Terminal EXPO 2021
Organiser UKi Media & Events Ltd.
Event Date 28.06.2021
Press Release Date 29.01.2018

Integral to every automated solution is the need to capture biometric data from an ID document, barcoded boarding pass, FQTV card, and so on. This data helps to confirm that a passenger has checked-in so that they can drop off their luggage, checks they have a valid boarding pass so that they can pass security or buy duty-free goods, and takes their FQTV details to allow them to collect points and enter a premium lounge.

Whether integrated into self-check-in kiosks or automated bag-drop machines, installed into auto security gates or boarding gates, these devices are often the passenger’s only direct point of contact.

The adoption of new technologies has led to a change in how passengers present their boarding passes, and the Access-IS BGR750 multifunction boarding gate reader enables intuitive customer interaction by reading all media from a single point of presentation. Just beginning to emerge is the idea that passengers will register their identity at a self-service kiosk, traditional check-in or even self bag drop. Having captured biometric data from the passport, the rest of their passage would rely on facial or fingerprint recognition. Multifunction check-in devices like Access-IS’s ATOM would enable this by capturing all the necessary personal and biometric data at registration to permit the use of a single digital token.

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