An idea that can change the world. Is it possible to create a mini-city from the ‘air harbor’?

Event Airport of the Future 2019
Organiser ATO Events
Event Date 25.09.2019
Press Release Date 09.08.2019

Modern airports have long been working on the development of their infrastructure not only in the aviation segment. Yes, first of all, of course, the aircraft. But the importance of the development of the port area has increased and the reason for this is globalization. In modern world the distance is not so important as the time saved and the money gained from this time. There is a situation when the manufacturer’s advantage is to be closer to the fastest transport hub, which today is the airport.

Does this mean that the airports of the future can take over the city-forming function? John Kasarda, an American academic advisor & business consultant at airports, specializing in economic development in the field of aviation, at the beginning of this century has claimed and continues to claim that it is possible and very justified.

Aerotropolises, as the highest stage of airport evolution, according to Kasarda, will be a determining factor in the economic development of cities and regions. It is a fully functional economic system. According to the concept, the airport should become a kind of center of attraction, around which will be build hotels, shopping centers, office and residential complexes, duty-free zones, free economic zones will be built, and most importantly – enterprises for the production, processing and distributing products, the place of sale of which is again the airport.

It is worth noting that quite a large part of the modern air harbors, about 50 around the world, are already moving in this direction. Moscow airport “Domodedovo” is also on the way to become the airport-city. Today, aerotropolises are formed in the Middle East and South-East Asia most successfully. New airports in these regions, unlike Western “colleagues”, have physically more free adjacent areas that can be used for construction and development of the necessary infrastructure.

Viktor Titarev, the head of “Raedium Aero”, will tell in detail about the benefits, features and prospects of the development of the airport territory within the framework of the 10th international conference and exhibition “Airport of the Future“, which will be held in Moscow on September 25-26.