“Airexpo Shanghai 2018” Press Conference was successfully held on December 18th in Shanghai

Event Shanghai International Airport Facility and Operation Exhibition 2018
Organiser Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Event Date 14.05.2018
Press Release Date 20.12.2017

The 6th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2018 (short for AIREXPO SHANGHAI) press conference was held in Shanghai Hengshan Hotel in the afternoon of 18th Dec. Mr. Jin Hongming, the Secretary-General and Researcher of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, presided over the press conference.

Nearly one hundred people attended the press conference, including Mr. Shi Jianzhong, the Director-General of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and Deputy General Manager of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (namely COMAC); Mr. Wang Wenbin, the Deputy Director-General of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, former General Manager Assistant of COMAC and former President of Chengdu Airlines; Mr. Fan Hongxi, the Deputy Director of Expert Advisory Committee of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Former General Manager of Shanghai Airlines, Mr. Jiang Mingfan, the Deputy Director-General of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, the Deputy General Manager of AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd.; Mr. Liu Xiaorong, the Executive Director of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, the General Manager Assistant and Senior Engineer of Baosteel Special Steel Co., Ltd.; Mr. Huo Guofeng, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of AVIC Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute; Mr. Li Junming, the Chief Engineer of Eastern Airlines Technic Co., Ltd.; Mr. Lu Zheng, the Deputy General Manager Sales & Marketing Department of COMAC; Mr. Jin Saijun, the Deputy General Manager of Science & Technology Management Department of COMAC; Mr. Yang Jianzhuang, Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd., as well as representatives of Russia, Italy, Britain, India, Ireland, Philippines, Mexico and other consulates in Shanghai.

AIREXPO SHANGHAI has been successfully held for five times since it has been established in 2005. This expo attracted thousands of various people and enterprises from nearly forty countries and regions all over the world to participate the expo, including leaders of aviation industry and relevant industries, senior officials in domestic airline companies, government officials, buyers and suppliers. AIREXPO SHANGHAI provides a broad platform for the expansion of the huge market of aviation manufacturing in China. After several years of precipitation and accumulation, AIREXPO SHANGHAI, with the full supporting of many domestic and foreign government organizations, industry associations, exhibitors, professional visitors, media and partners, has become the third largest aerospace event after Airshow China and Aviation Expo China. It is a very instructive source of information for the aviation industry and leading the industry trend.

In the conference, the program director of Airexpo Shanghai Organizer, Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Company, Ms. Shirley Gong, introduced the preparations to domestic and foreign media reporters.

It was reported that AIREXPO SHANGHAI 2018 will be held in National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) on May 14-16, 2018, planning total exhibition area of 25,000 square meters. The expo comprehensively involves Aircraft, Aerospace Technology and Equipment, Aviation Engineering and Services, Aircraft Interior and Refurbishment, Air Rescue and Flight Training, Aviation Intelligence and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Intelligent Airport Construction and Operation Plate. The expo aims at “With the Core of Developing Shanghai Aviation Industry, Root in Shanghai, Radiate China, Face the World”. During the exhibition, forums like the International Aircraft Engineering Summit, Commercial Aero Engine International Forum, the International Wisdom Airport Construction and Operation Summit, the International Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting Safety Summit, the International Flight Training Seminar and other activities will be held together with buyer presentation related to aviation manufacturers, aviation engineer and wisdom Airport. These activities will be the highlights of this exhibition. Buyer Presentation takes the form of one-to-one and face-to-face communication between Aviation manufacturers, aeronautical engineering companies, aircraft companies, airport groups and other buyer procurement departments and exhibitors to allow buyers effectively collect samples and information, so as to promote understanding and friendship between the supply and demand.

As the international shipping center in China and even in the world, Shanghai is also an important base of China’s large aircraft development and civil aviation industry city in the world. Shanghai aviation hub and mating construction have been quite effective, and led the development of aerospace industry in eastern China. At the same time, Shanghai aviation service and manufacturing are the Chinese national industrial brands and have a significant position in China’s aviation industry development. Therefore, the AIREXPO SHANGHAI will be significance to the aviation industry of Shanghai and China.

This expo has also got strong supporting and participation from Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd., China Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd., Baosteel Special Steel Co. Ltd., Shanghai Airport Authority, and AVIC Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute. At conference site, many industry organizations at home and abroad and aviation business representatives have expressed their expectations and participation in AIREXPO SHANGHAI.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai next May in AIREXPO SHANGHAI!


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