Over 200 Flights Cancelled Amid Further Violent Protests in Hong Kong

The Airport Authority of Hong Kong informed Cathay Pacific,  Cathay Dragon and Hong Kong Airlines that air traffic flow control measures are being implemented on 5th August 2019. As a result of this many flights have been delayed and cancelled and customers have been advised to postpone non-essential travel.

Cathay Pacific have strongly advised customers not to go to the airport unless they have a confirmed booking and that standby travel is not available currently.

The cancellations and travel chaos follows the ninth consecutive weekend of protests in Hong Kong. Protest organisers said that more than 14,000 people from 20 sectors vowed to join a city-wide strike on Monday with Civil Servants, who are ordered to be politically neutral, reportedly agreeing to take part. Protesters blocked roads and brought train services to a stand still during morning rush-hour and violent clashes have broken out resulting in police firing tear gas at protestors.

Monday marked the fifth straight day of massive protests. General strikes and demonstrations were planned for the day in seven districts. Other protests and organized transit blocks were expected throughout the day, including at the airport and at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel which connects Hong Kong island with Kowloon.

More than 2,300 aviation workers took part in the strike, including 1,200 Cathay cabin crew and pilots, according to the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions.