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The civil aviation industry is seeing a major transformation in digitalising and automating passenger services to improve ease of use and decrease processing time while keeping safety at the forefront. The market has a huge number of technologies that provide self-service, contactless services, passenger identity management, advanced airport operations management, passenger flow and queue management, and several use-cases of AI and data analytics that contribute to an enhanced experience making it hard to identify the ones that fit best the company’s needs.

The Great Minds Event Management is organising the World Passenger Experience Forum to bring all the stakeholders together to discuss the evolving passenger behaviours, collection of data and its usage to deliver hyper-personal services required to treat each passenger as an individual by integrating the physical, digital and emotional experiences. The forum will also discuss various technological advancements, use cases and process improvements that reduce the number of touchpoints and convert them into contactless services to ensure time efficiency and make the passenger’s journey more pleasurable while gaining their loyalty.

The forum is hosted in Dubai, one of the leading air travel hubs. Being one of the busiest airports, the host city’s airports forecast 77.8 million passengers in 2023 and about 93.3 million in 2025. The region hosts four of the world’s top 10 airports and three of the top 10 airlines globally, making civil aviation in the region highly competitive and reemphasising the role of passenger experience as a key differentiator.

Event Profile

  • Are you ready to explore the latest trends in passenger experience and digital transformation in the civil aviation industry?

    The World Passenger Experience Forum is the perfect platform to connect with other stakeholders in the industry, exchange ideas, and explore cutting-edge technologies that can transform the passenger experience.

    Main key takeaways:

    • Making the passenger journey easier, quicker and safer
    • Improving ancillary revenue and scaling gains
    • Discovering the right methods to automate passenger services and improving operational efficiency
    • Exploring opportunities to boost the digital experience through digitally enabling passenger journeys
    • Learning ways to hyper-personalise services and offerings
    • Identifying ways to reduce the number of human interfaces and touchpoints
    • Managing the requirements of various stakeholders efficiently to deliver a seamless passenger experience
    • Making travel more enjoyable and boosting loyalty

    Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the conversation and shape the future of the civil aviation industry.

  • Join us in welcoming Mr. Jerry Angrave, a leading expert in Customer and Passenger Experience from the UK!

    Mr. Angrave will be the chair and keynote speaker at the upcoming World Passenger Forum happening on June 14-15, 2023 at the Movenpick Hotel Al Bustan in Dubai.

    As a seasoned consultant and practitioner in CX, Jerry has helped numerous organizations align their customer experience strategy, engage their customers effectively, and boost their commercial success. At the forum, he will discuss the changing consumer behavior and how you can better serve the new-age passenger. You’ll also learn how to exceed passenger expectations and provide top-notch services beyond the basics.

    If you’re in the travel industry and prioritize customer service, don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the evolving trends.

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  • Top Passenger Behavior Trends to Follow in 2023

    The way we travel and experience the world is set to be influenced by a variety of new and emerging trends caused by a combination of changing consumer habits, technological progress, and environmental considerations.

    With a focus on sustainability and immersive experiences, the landscape of travel is evolving at a rapid pace, making it imperative to keep up with the latest developments.

    Thus, the travel industry is rapidly responding to these changing needs of passengers. Convenience is one of the considerations airports and airlines must consider as they strategize for 2023 – but what else is on the list?

    We’ve put together a whitepaper that delves into the most recent technological breakthroughs and market changes that are set to have a substantial impact on the industry beyond 2023.

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    This whitepaper is produced exclusively in conjunction with the first-ever World Passenger Experience Forum taking place from 14 – 15 June 2023 in Dubai, UAE.

    This forum will gather stakeholders from local and international airlines and airports to discuss the evolving passenger behaviours, collection of data and its usage to deliver hyper-personal services required to treat each passenger as an individual by integrating the physical, digital and emotional experiences.

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