The Mercurys

The Mercurys

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  • Organiser: SIAL Middle East FZ LLC
  • Date: 12.12.2017
  • Location: Shangri-La, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi
  • Website:

The Mercurys is the most prestigious award in travel catering, worldwide. It is sought after by the best and most pro-active companies in the industry. The 36th edition of The Mercurys will be held alongside SIAL Middle East in December 2017.

Event Profile



    The airline meal has evolved over the decades and to this day still has a major impact on overall passenger experience, often leaving a long lasting impression. This category will explore the meals served in Economy class and Premium classes of various airlines. Following a broad but relevant set of judging criteria, the panel will assess which meals offer a memorable on-board dining experience to the passenger, whilst remaining practical and cost effective for the airline. A tasting session will take place during the finalist’s presentation..

    1a) Airline Meal – Economy class

    1b) Airline Meal – Premium class

    Weighting: Taste 30%, practicality 25%, presentation 20%, nutritional value 15% and environmental impact 10%


    High-end food and beverage products and equipment are all very well, but without an exceptionally well thought out philosophy and a finely tuned delivery process, passenger satisfaction levels will rarely soar. This category will explore in depth everything from the conception to the end product delivered, the judges will specifically be looking out for the service that sets itself apart from others and excels in every aspect. We looking for innovation as well as practicality and impact. A demonstration as far as is possible will take place during the finalist’s presentation.

    2a) Service Concept – Economy class

    2b) Service Concept – Premium class

    Weighting: Innovation 30%, Practicality 25%, presentation 20%, taste 15% and environmental impact 10%


    By 2018 the global inflight catering industry is expected to be worth a staggering US$19 billion and therefore proves to be an attractive target market for many mainstream food manufacturers. With high barriers of entry it’s more often than not an impossible market to penetrate. This category will provide a platform for world class food products to be recognized by the industry for the industry. The panel will pick out the winners from 3 sub-categories to identify the Best Snack, Best Food Product and Best Dessert of 2017. A tasting session will take place during the finalist’s presentation.

    3a) Food Product – Snack

    3b) Food Product – Savoury

    3c) Food Product – Sweet

    Weighting: Taste 40%, quality 25%, practicality 15%, packaging 10% and environmental impact 10%


    Most passengers will agree that beverages, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic play an important role in the on-board dining experience. Just like food, beverage products also have to meet strict criteria in order for them to be consumed in flight. There are some great beverage products found on the ground today, this could be your opportunity as a manufacturer to get your beverage in the air. A tasting session will take place during the finalist’s presentation.

    Weighting: Taste 30%, presentation 30%, practicality 20%, packaging 10% and environmental impact 10%


    Maintaining the quality and variety of meals whilst working under the constraints of strict regulation on space and weight makes on board catering a meticulous job. The equipment used to transport, preserve, heat and serve food and beverage is critical to the operation. This category is for the entry of all types of equipment that promote and enhance the overall service from delivery to the aircraft to the passenger’s tray table.

    5a) Equipment – Production

    5b) Equipment – Passenger

    Weighting: Functionality 50%, build quality 30% and environmental impact 20%

  • NEW FOR 2017

    Now presenting an opportunity for entrants to select their preferred location for product presentations. Product presentations will take place in London and Abu Dhabi.


    Deadline to enter (Presentation in London): 15th September 2017

    Deadline to enter (Presentation in Abu Dhabi): 17th November 2017

    Product presentation in London: 12th October 2017

    Product presentation in Abu Dhabi: 11th December 2017

    Gala dinner & award ceremony: 12th December 2017

  • 2016 WINNERS

    Category Company Product
    Airline Meal – Economy Class DSI Foods Chicken Tikka Masala with Pea Pulao & Daal Tadka
    Airline Meal – Premium Class Etihad Airways Textured Dessert
    Service Concept – Economy Class Qantas Airways Qantas International Dining Experience
    Service Concept – Premium Class Qatar Airways Super Food Salad
    Food Product – Snack Monty’s Bakehouse Chinese BBQ Style Chicken Savoury Pastry
    Food Product – Sweet AB Klaipedos Dione Premium Ice Cream Bar
    Food Product Savoury Green Gourmet / Source Foods Sweet Potato Fries
    Beverage Caffe di Artisan Ultimate Food-Tech Coffee Disruption
    Equipment – Production Malton Ministro Vaccuum Flask
    Equipment – Passenger Faerch Plast Airline Modular Concept

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