The 6th Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum & The 27th Maintenance and Spares Support Conference

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According to the COMAC Market Forecast Annual Report 2021-2040, the Chinese aviation market will receive 9,084 passenger aircraft in the 50-seat class and above over the next two decades, valued at approximately US$1.4 trillion. By 2040, China’s fleet will reach 9,957 aircraft, representing 22% of the global passenger fleet, making it the world’s largest single aviation market. At the same time, US$390 billion in demand for maintenance and engineering services will be generated over the next 20 years.

On the other hand, with the delivery volume of ARJ21 aircraft increasing year by year, C919 will be put into operation this year, and the R&D results of C929 are satisfactory. China’s civil aircraft industry is entering a period of accelerated take-off.

As an important link in the civil aircraft industry chain, the operation and support technology is the link and bridge between the civil aircraft manufacturing industry and the aviation industry, covering the whole life cycle of the aircraft, the organic combination of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and the extension of the civil aircraft industry chain and value chain. It plays an important role in driving the development of the upstream and downstream links of the aviation industry, such as aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, and helps to upgrade the technology of the civil aircraft industry, expand the industry and enhance the market competitiveness.

The 6th Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum & The 27th Maintenance and Spares Support Conference will be held in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province from December 12th–13th, 2022. The Form will focus on MRO new technology application and aviation mutual aid mechanism execution plan under the influence of the normalization of the epidemic situation. With the advantage of the delivery of COMAC C919 and the growth of China’s civil aviation maintenance market, it will attract the world’s advanced civil aviation maintenance suppliers to participate in the forum online and offline, discuss new technologies and business opportunities, and steadily promote and improve the development of civil aviation maintenance industry chain at home and abroad.

【Hot Topics】

  1. Interpretation of Rescue Policies for the Civil Aviation Industry
  2. Operation Support of Domestic Civil Aircraft
  3. Safeguard Measures for Aviation Spares Supply Chain Management
  4. Application of Maintenance Digital Platform
  5. Opportunities from Engine Maintenance
  6. Large Circulation of Domestic Aviation Spares
  7. Use of Industrial Robots in Maintenance
  8. Development of Remote Maintenance Technology
  9. Sharing of Practical Experience and Results
  10. Trend Analysis and Interpretation


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