Terminal Expo – Passenger Terminal Industries, Equipment and Technologies Exhibition

Event Information

  • Organiser: TG Expo International Fairs Inc. Co.
  • Start date: 01.11.2018
  • End date: 03.11.2018
  • Location: Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Website: http://www.terminalexpo.com/

Whether its air, land, sea or rail roads, terminals are the must have locations to spend time while waiting on any journey. Systematic operations, comfort level of the waiting areas and safety technologies at terminals are getting better every day, and every industrial improvement is making our lives easier.

Terminal Expo which is the most important platform that responds to the growing terminal industries expanding through land, air, sea ways and railroad network projects, is going to be organized by the exhibition industry leading and innovative company, TG Expo between 1-3 November 2018.

Event Profile

  • Why Terminal Expo?

    Turkey is the meeting point of Asia and Europe and also the crossroads of many leading countries duo to its geopolitical position. It is an important fact that passenger terminals and technologies in this sector have a great potential in Turkey where major highways, railways, seaways and airways meet up.

    Terminal Expo, based on the fact, gathers global private companies, government agencies, senior level professionals, technologies and ideas in a special platform to dominate the terminal industry.

  • Purpose of the Terminal Expo

    • Providing a platform for land, air, sea and railway passengers for more secure, systematic and comfortable travels by promoting the most recent technologies, latest trends, innovations and projects.
    • Gathering relevant state authorities, regularities, managers, consultants, architects, designers, suppliers and all the representatives of terminal industry.
    • Taking the visitors to a level where they can get together with a wide range of exhibitor profiles.
    • Meeting with new market representatives with the integration of simultaneous exhibition and conferences.
    • Developing a world-wide perception towards terminal industry.
    • Bringing together professionals in terminal industry on the platform that is built to support the sector with side activities which will get innovative views and ideas reviewed by all shareholders.
    • Gathering companies in the industry with B2B platforms.
  • Exhibitor Profile

    • Communication and wireless network execution companies
    • Technology, security, logistics and catering companies
    • Interior decoration, architecture, construction and engineering companies
    • Baggage and cargo systems companies
    • Parking systems, kiosks, consultancies
    • Emergency, safety and fire protection companies
    • Textile, fabric, lighting and cleaning systems
    • Furniture and waiting equipment, guidance, Insurance companies.
  • Visitor Profile

    • Airway, seaway, railway and highway representatives around the world
    • Local and foreign municipalities, terminal operators
    • Ministries of communications
    • Heavy industry, construction companies
    • Local & international media and finance establishments
    • Engineering and consultancy companies
    • Equipment wholesalers
    • Technology establishments
    • Substructure establishments
    • Spare part producers
    • International contract company representatives
    • Consultants
  • About TG Expo

    TG Expo was founded in 2008 with ‘Think Global’ insight. We bring together leading exporters with our talented team to do business in international markets. Until today, TG Expo Group has organized exhibitions in France, Iran, USA, Qatar, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, United Kingdom and India.

    Including Healthcare, Medical Equipment, Electricity, Design, Furniture and Marble sectors TG Expo enables exporter companies to communicate, do business and experience new markets. TG Expo Group acts as the Turkish representative of various international fairs and national pavilions; organizes fairs in Turkey as well by its experienced co-founders and the expert team. We produce turnkey projects for our clients.

    Accredited by Turkish Ministry of Economy, TG Expo Group supports export companies to grow attempts and business development process which contribute to national and international economy. Since the date it was found TG Expo provided the opportunity for more than 1000 export companies to penetrate into their target markets.


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