New Energy Aviation International Forum 2022

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  • Organiser: Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Start date: 06.11.2022
  • End date: 07.11.2022
  • Location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
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With the global promotion of a low-carbon economy and a green environment, new energy propulsion technology has become an important development direction for the world’s aviation power systems. In response to the global warming crisis, seven aviation manufacturers have pledged to support the aviation industry’s ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 through the development of new aircraft and propulsion systems. For them, the development of new energy power and electric aircraft is one of the most reliable ways to achieve this goal, not only out of concern for mankind in terms of the environment, but also as a strategy to deal with today’s rising fuel costs, oil stocks and other crisis.

New energy aircraft will inevitably lead to a revolution in the top-level design of aircraft. However, solutions such as novel fuels, high density and lightweight batteries remain challenges in the overall design of current aircraft. At present, it seems that new fuels, hybrids power, electric propulsion systems, high-density batteries, the safety and product application of autonomous flight control are the future focus of the aviation electric aircraft industry.

China has always been committed to the development of green energy and related technologies. The next-generation new energy aircraft is still in the early stage of development, but has broad prospects and a bright future. Taking this opportunity, the 2022 New Energy Aviation International Forum is scheduled to be held in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province on November 6th-7th. At that time, it is expected that more than 200 leaders and experts in the industry from domestic and abroad will participate in the event and share the cutting-edge trends of the new energy aircraft industry. They are committed to provide possible solutions for the existing problems in the electric aircraft industry and to achieve energy-saving and green development of the aviation industry.

Hot Topics

  • Functional & Airworthiness of New Type Aircraft and Its Future Development
  • Strategic Significance and Prospect of Future Development of UAM
  • Current Situation, Development and Direction of China’s New Energy Aircraft Power Industry
  • Green Aviation Technology Innovation Development and International Cooperation
  • Research on Aviation Energy Transition Under Carbon Neutrality Goal
  • Demand of Intelligent Electric Aircraft OEM Drives the Transformation of Downstream High-Tech Industries
  • Development Trend and Design Concept of Helicopter Power System
  • Consideration and Technical Requirements of Future Intelligent Development of eVTOL
  • Research and Development of Key Technologies of Hybrid Electric Propulsion for Civil Aircraft
  • eVTOL Electronic and Electrical System R&D Challenge – Digital Transformation / Model-Based Design
  • Application Analysis of High Energy Density Lithium Battery in eVTOL Industry
  • Mobile Applications of Fuel Cells in Civil Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


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Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Chinese Aeronautical Establishment

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COMAC Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute

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Electromechanics Sub-committee of CSAA

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AVIC Shaanxi Aero Electric Co., Ltd.

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