Lognet Global Annual Conference 2017

Event Information

Attnending a Lognet conference is undoubtedly the single most produtive way to boost your revenues, expand your company, reach out to new markets and raise your company’s profile around the globe.

Lognet conferences offer a golden opportunity to each and every member, whether building on existing relationships or creating new partners.

Not only to delegates create tens of millions of dollars in combined new business, but also attending the conference saves weeks of travel time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses by allowing each member to conduct up to 40 pre-arranged meeting with fellow agents from around the world. The informal nature of the social functions allows members to discuss potential opportunities in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. You can conduct more business in a single day at a Lognet Conference than can be achieved in a month of business travel.

The annual meeting is recognized as one of the most important benefits of network membership – it is essential that your company is represented and that you take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with your fellow members, creating new partnerships and developing existing relationships that will be key to the growth and success of your business. Key to providing the personal service that sets the independent freight forwarder apart from the multi-nationals is knowing that all parties involved in handling a shipment are professional, capable and are totally focused on the needs of the client and their partners – the face-to-face meetings, and knowing by first name the people you are dealing with, is the only way to build the confidence necessary for members to commit their hard-earned business to another agent – and what could be more satisfying than ‘working with friends’.