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In recent years, the quantity of airport increased from 175 in 2010 to 241 in 2021. The development of smart airports will intensify the competition among civil airports and bring greater convenience to passengers’ travel. However, for airport, it is required to strengthen the management level and improve the service level. The management of airports will be a reform. With the continuous development of information technology and the continuous business expansion of civil airports, the needs and understanding of smart airports are constantly being recognized and updated. The rapid development of smart airport requires the use of a new generation of information technology, wireless transmission, big data mining, cloud computing, information security and other key technologies, to achieve point-to-point constant interconnection, information collection and processing, business automation, personalized service, humanized function, management streamlined model innovation. We will use science and technology to promote innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the healthy development of civil aviation industry.

At present, the construction of smart airport in China is still in its initial stage. However, with the maturity of information technology, the development of big data, Internet of Things and other industries, and the continuous increase of the number of airport construction, the construction industry of smart airport is expected to become the next 100 billion market.

Hot Topics

  1. Smart Airport Emergency Rescue Management and Application of New Technologies
  2. 5G Network Construction Push Smart Civil Aviation Applications to High-quality Transformation and Upgrading
  3. With “Digital +” Engine, Creates a New Ecosystem for Civil Aviation in Smart Airports
  4. Construction and Application of Intelligent Transportation Control Platform of Airport Information System
  5. Integration of R &D with Operation, the Three Parties Work Together to “Wisdom” for the Future
  6. Apron Intelligent Management and Operation Platform Construction
  7. Research and Application of InSAR Technology in Airport Clearance Protection Area Monitoring and Patrol
  8. Passenger Bridge Intelligent Operation System helps to Improve the Airport Operation Efficiency and Safety Management Level
  9. Domestic Flights “One ID” Service- Walk Through the Airport with One Face
  10. Integration of AI Technology, New Development Trend of Airport Security System
  11. “Smart Airport” Big Data Sharing Service Platform – while Realizing Multi-party Data Access, Simplifying Network Architecture and Reducing Security Risks
  12. Construction of 5G Smart Airports
  13. Differentiated Services to Improve Passenger Satisfaction in Smart Airports
  14. Building Intelligent Control Platform of Utility Tunnel and Results Sharing
  15. A New Smart Travel Model of “No Contact, No Paper, No Gathering”
  16. Build a Big Data Visualization Real-time Interaction System, Build a Smart Airport Operation Brain with Three-dimensional Visualization
  17. Enhance the Level of Airport Traffic Integration by Multi-modal Transport Services
  18. Brief Analysis of Application and Development Trend of Internet of Things Technology in Airports
  19. In the 5G Era, “Video +AI” helps to Build and Upgrade Smart Airports
  20. The Internet of Things helps Small and Medium-sized Airports Build Smart Airport Cloud Ecosphere
  21. Research and Application of Anti-runway Intrusion Technology in Airfield
  22. Digital Transformation Continues to Promote the Rapid Development of Smart Airports
  23. New Cyber Security Challenges in Smart Airports
  24. Improve Operation Quality and Service Quality, Lead “New Speed” Airport with High-quality Development


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