FlyPharma Conference 2017

Event Information

We’re delighted to announce that the next FlyPharma Conference will take place on 6-7 June 2017, and that we will once again be returning to the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

Aimed at forward-thinking individuals and businesses, FlyPharma will assemble a cluster of industry experts to address the pharma supply chain’s hot (and cold!) topics in a lively and motivational manner.

We realise that while pharma companies and air cargo service providers may already have today’s challenges on their radars, they often lack an understanding of how to address these issues in a collective manner, and they frequently struggle to properly grasp the needs, views and goals of the other parties in the supply chain. FlyPharma aims to highlight common pharma logistics issues and stimulate a more inclusive dialogue between the different supply chain stakeholders.

This is not ‘just another conference’. With content that promises to be candid, contentious and challenging, FlyPharma has been conceived as a completely fresh approach to the conference genre.

In a format configured to encourage dialogue, bring people together and foster lasting relationships, the event will appeal to stakeholders from right across the pharma logistics supply chain. Come together and engage with the industry’s movers and shakers. Listen to enthusiastic and educational presentations, both strategic and operational. Meet motivating industry experts and go away inspired and informed.

FlyPharma attendees will leave with a clear appreciation of key issues impacting the pharma and air cargo sectors, with an understanding of how these affect all parties in different ways, and with a wealth of valuable new contacts.