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With the global air transport jet and turboprop fleet expected to grow by more than 10,000 net aircraft by 2025 and with MRO standing as one of the major cost categories, airlines are increasingly facing critical decisions related to their position on MRO.

This one-day conference will tackle the core issues ranging from the impact on independent MROs from their larger competitors in the OEM sector to why Big Data is here to stay. The Flightglobal MRO Forum recognises that with new technology, engines and aircraft comes ever evolving challenges. The forum brings together a variety of perspectives to debate the most pertinent issues in Europe and on the global stage. This is a unique chance to meet with all the key players so ensure you take advantage of unparalleled networking this year and to get equipped with the most up-to-date market information when it comes to your MRO provision.

Why attend Flightglobal MRO Forum?

  • With access to the most up-to-date data and trends, through our Fleets Analyzer, the Flightglobal MRO Forum helps today’s MROs and OEMs quickly and accurately identify business development opportunities, gain an unparalleled understanding of the global fleet and stay well informed of industry movements
  • With access to over 345k premium quality aircraft data we know the technical specification of each individual aircraft meaning the Flightglobal MRO Forum is not about predicting but knowing who has an upcoming MRO requirement
  • As OEMs increase their dominance we ask the industry what does this mean for them and what can independent MROs do to stay competitive in the market!
  • Find out the issues airlines are facing, how they are planning to overcome these and whether they will choose to opt for OEM or independent MROs going forward
  • With predictive maintenance estimated to increase aircraft availability by up to 35%, we look at unlocking the secrets of big data in commercial aviation to boost efficiency and spot issues before they become problems
  • As fuel prices decline, older aircraft become more profitable to operate at higher utilisations than new aircraft that are about to be delivered, we ask the experts whether this is a viable long term strategy
  • Unlike larger conferences, you will not get lost in the crowd! With 120 senior industry experts in attendance, we make it easier for our attendees to collaborate and network face-to-face.
  • Cost and time. Being one day means you’re not away from the office for too long!

Who should attend?

  • Senior Vice Presidents – Aircraft Maintenance
  • General Managers, Engineering and Engineering Operations
  • Engineering Managers / Directors
  • Head of Maintenance
  • Line Maintenance Managers
  • CAMO Manager
  • Directors and Heads of Engineering and Maintenance
  • Managing Director / CEO’s


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