e-Aircraft Summit

Event Information

The aviation industry is eager to reduce maintenance costs by optimizing operational processes, while the demand for connectivity is rising all the time from the passenger perspective. These factors together are leading the aircraft digitalization and aiming to find best solutions for the future of connected aircraft.

Commercial aircraft connectivity market is growing and the rapid rise e.g. in onboard entertainment devices demand will be one of the driving factors to push the connectivity forward. By providing numerous benefits for operational efficiency, MRO and airline passenger comfort, the e-enabled aircraft is offering new ways to handle challenges in many different areas, but it is also bringing new aspects into security-related challenges, such as cyber-security vulnerabilities.

Main topics that will be discussed:

  • IFE Systems and Connected Aircraft Passenger Experience
  • Standardization, e-Enablement and Paperless Operations
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul for e-Enabled Aircraft
  • Engaging Passengers by Understanding Consumer Behaviour
  • Using and Benefiting from Data and Real-time Analytics
  • Forecasting Problems for Effective Health Management
  • Highly Integrated Architectures and Aircraft Safety
  • The New Era of In-flight Connectivity and the Future Market Outlook
  • Connectivity Strategies for Different Aircraft Types and Mixed Fleet

Airline Suppliers subscribers can receive a 25% discount when registering online through the event website, quoting promo code: AIR25


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