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From Passenger Entertainment to Flight Operations

Although a new event for 2019, what sets this apart from the other “Connected” events is that it will be the ONLY event that is already running alongside an established AVIONICS event that has attracted over 1000 compatible attendees for over 10 years. A combination of these TWO events will ensure the HIGHEST level of AIRLINE attendance and the STRONGEST conference program outside the USA. Our inaugural event aims to add new dimensions to the established connectivity themes of IFC and IFEC – by including AI, VR, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Flight Tracking, Flight Operations and MRO applications.

Event Profile

  • Connected Aircraft Europe

    Airline operators around the world are increasingly deploying satellite and broadband-based solutions on their aircraft to keep-up with passenger demand for inflight connectivity (IFC). These systems can also provide enhanced flight operations by enabling real time data sharing with ground based operations teams.

    According to recent research from the London School of Economics (LSE) there are 3.8 billion passengers flying annually with only around 25% of aircraft in the air offering passengers some form of onboard broadband connectivity service. This service is often of variable quality, with patchy coverage, slow speeds and low data limits.

    Connectivity provides a window for operators to maximize the potential capability of their aircraft, while reducing downtime and cost.

    Better connectivity should also make maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations more efficient by transmitting live data about an aircraft’s structural health, which can then be analysed to keep repair time to a minimum.

    Connected Aircraft Europe will address the current and future trends and challenges facing airlines and aircraft manufactureres, from IFC, IFEC, Satcom, AI, EFB Connectivity, e-Enablement, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Aviation IT, Flight Operations, Blockchain, Flight Tracking, Cybersecurity and MRO.

  • Benefits of Participating

    • Build and enhance your company profile and image to key industry professionals
    • Connect with customers and develop new business relationships
    • Showcase your products and services to key decision makers
    • Communicate your company’s news and messages direct to key target audiences
    • Learn about the latest trends and challenges facing the avionics industry
    • Launch your new product or service and generate hot leads
    • Connect with more customers in less time in the best face-to-face environment
  • Who will attend?

    • Airline executives, directors, technology managers, engineers, and analysts
    • Operators
    • Aircraft OEMs & Integrators
    • Government representatives from the FAA and surrounding agencies
    • Program managers in charge of wifi, entertainment, and other customer experience products
    • In-flight entertainment companies and connectivity component manufacturers
    • Communications directors and experts
    • IT directors and managers in satellite, aviation, and aerospace
    • Telecommunications companies
    • Aviation, software, and technical engineers
    • Satellite operators and manufacturers
    • Business development leaders
    • Connectivity suppliers (hardware, service providers, neutral connectivity performance analysts)
    • Content supply chain participants
    • Cyber security experts
    • Cabin interior designers & seating manufacturers
    • Passenger experience experts


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