Aviation Finance and Leasing International Summit 2019

Event Information

  • Organiser: Shine Consultant
  • Start date: 10.01.2019
  • End date: 11.01.2019
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Website: https://bit.ly/2SnCsoq

Since commencement in the year of 2009, China aviation finance and leasing industry has developed impressive product and service, promoting the rapid development of aviation economy.

By 2019, it has been eleven years since the first aircraft was delivered on bonded lease. Standing at the beginning of next decade, it is necessary to look ahead the future development on the basis of past experience.

Accordingly, China Aviation Finance and Leasing International Summit 2019 will be held on 10th – 11th, JAN, 2019 at Shanghai, China. At the international summit, we will talk about Airlines and Aviation Finance in Asia-Pacific region. This event will be attended by leaderships from global airlines、airport groups、aircraft manufacturers, MRO, OEM, aircraft leasing companies, banks, institutional investors, law firms, tax firms, governments and so on.

At the international summit, we will talk about Airlines and Aviation Finance in Asia-Pacific region. It is a great occasion for you to rethink how to upgrade strategies and business models and provide an open platform to promote cooperation and communication.

Event Profile

  • Part of Confirmed Speakers

    • Deputy Secretary (Transport),Transport and Housing Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    • Global Head of Consultancy, Ascend consulting
    • Group Chief Operating & Financial Officer, SriLankan Airlines
    • Senior Executive, Cebu Pacific Air
    • Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Investment Department, China Southern Airlines
    • CFO, Juneyao Airlines
    • CFO, Spring Airlines
    • CFO, Shanghai Airport
    • Vice President / President, ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd / ICBC Aviation Leasing Co., Ltd
    • Vice President, Sales and Relationship Management, Asia, Australia & Pacific, Waypoint Leasing
    • Executive Vice President, Air leasing corporation
    • General Manager, International Business Department, Kunlun Financial Leasing
    • President, Aviation Department, Industrial Bank Financial Leasing
    • President, China southern Air leasing company
    • Senior Vice President, Structured Finance, Wells Fargo
    • General Manager, Global Finance Department, ICBC
    • General Manager, Transport Finance Dept. The Export Bank of China
    • Structural finance director, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
    • CFO, Commercial Aircraft Corporation Capital of China Ltd.
    • CEO, YTO cargo airlines.
    • Secretary-general, China airport economic demonstration area development alliance
    • Vice President, Nanhua Futures
    • Finance Director, Brazil aviation industry.
    • Vice president, CHINA CARGO AIRLINES LTD
  • Part of Confirmed Attendees

    • Transport and Housing Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    • SriLankan Airlines
    • Cebu Pacific Air
    • ANA Holdings Inc
    • ICBC Leasing
    • Air Lease Corporation
    • Embraer
    • COMAC Capital
    • COMAC
    • Wells Fargo
    • Flight Ascend Consultancy
    • Waypoint Leasing
    • China Southern Air Leasing
    • Anhui Wanxin Leasing
    • China Southern Airlines
    • Industrial Bank Financial Leasing
    • Kunlun Financial Leasing
    • China Eastern Airlines
    • Spring Airlines
    • Juneyao Airlines
    • Donghai Airlines
    • Suparna Airlines
    • Chongqing Airlines
    • Shenzhen Airlines
    • Sichuan Airlines
    • Allpoints Jet
    • Baoneng Jet
    • Nanshan Jet
    • Shanghai Airport
    • YTO Cargo Airlines
    • China Cargo Airlines
    • Institute of Airport Economics, CAUC
    • Wintell & Co
    • Nordic Aviation Capital
    • IBA Group
    • China finance lease (west lake) BBS
    • Shanghai Free Trade Zone
  • Hot Topics

    • Asia-Pacific Aviation Finance: Outlook, Opportunities,
    • How does Aviation Finance Serve the New Trend of Air Transport Market in the New Environment?
    • The financial, legal and taxation system of aircraft leasing in Hong Kong.
    • The Revolution of Aviation Finance Industry and Aircraft Leasing Strategy.
    • New Era, New Starting Point, to Build a World-class Aircraft Leasing Company.
    • How do We Rethink about the Demand for the Global Cargo Airfreight to Rise?
    • The New Airline Strategies and How to Support it in the Field like Aviation Finance.
    • General Aviation Financial: Challenges &Opportunities.
    • How can Aviation Finance Boost the Sustainable Development of the Aviation Real Economy.
    • The Comprehensive Financing Solutions to Aircraft Financing.
    • Where is the Investment Opportunities in Aviation Finance Markets?
    • Overseas Financing Sources for Aircraft Financing in China.
    • How to Optimize the Professional Ability of Aircraft Life Cycle Asset Management.
    • Light Asset Transformation: How to Build an Aircraft Asset Management Platform?
    • Where Is the New Profit Point of Aviation Finance & How to Grasp It in the Next Decade?
  • Who Should Attend

    • Airline, Airport 20%
    • Aircraft manufacturer, OEM, MRO 6%
    • Aircraft leasing, Financial leasing company 40%
    • Bank 8%
    • Security, Trust, Insurance, Fund, Institutional investor 8%
    • Law firm, Tax firm 8%
    • Credit rating agency, Credit guaranty institution, Consulting company 6%
    • Government, Association 4%
  • Target Position

    • VP of Aircraft Planning Department
    • VP of Assets Management Department
    • VP of Centralized Purchasing Department
    • VP of Aircraft Leasing Department
    • VP of Aviation Finance Department
    • VP of Financial Department
    • VP of Sales Department
    • VP of Credit Department
    • VP of Structure Financing Department
    • VP of International Trade Department
    • VP of Factoring Business Departments
    • VP of Key Account Department
    • VP of Special Risk Department


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