Aviation Festival Africa 2017

Event Information

It is estimated that 20% of the world’s population will be living in Africa within the next 20 years. The Africa story has meant that consumer demands, expectations, lifestyles and business needs are changing drastically.

And this is set to dramatically impact travel patterns across the continent. Africa therefore presents massive potential in terms of economic development, growth opportunities and air travel. It is clear that aviation is and will continue to be the best and most efficient way to connect Africa’s countries – and indeed to the rest of the world. Airlines and airports are set to cash in. But they need to invest, build & innovate.

The Aviation Festival is here to show the industry how to pioneer in this dynamic market. By bringing global experts and world leading case studies to Africa – we are the one place for airlines, airports and their partners to learn how to win new business through the convergence of technology, customer experience and new revenue streams. And now there are more events under the aviation festival banner that will cater to full-service airlines and to airports.

  • Airports Show: The place airports can show case there brand, launch new products, raise brand awareness and meet new business partners
  • Aviation Outlook: Opportunity and strategy for airlines and airports.
  • Air Retail Show: will explore retail strategies and how to look at new revenue avenues for retail.
  • AirXperience: will take a look at utilizing technology to completely enhance passenger experience.
  • Aviation IT Show: IT solutions for better sales, marketing and operations to expand efficiencies.

In 2017, the Aviation Festival will host over 1500 attendees, 80 conference speakers, 300 conference delegates and 40 exhibition booths. Over 200 airlines and airports will be represented.

The festival will take place over two days with over 50 presentations taking place, 20 roundtable debates and loads of networking. The festival will be an experience and one designed to help the attendees get the most out of the two days. If you want to meet senior executives and potential business partners in the African Aviation industry, then this the perfect platform for you.


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