Asian Aviation Education and Training Symposium (AAETS)

Event Information

  • Organiser: Halldale Group
  • Start date: 27.06.2019
  • End date: 28.06.2019
  • Location: Conrad Hilton, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Website:

AAETS provides a forum to discuss the best practical applications and future developments in aviation training and technology in a Korean, regional and global context.

Providing an in-depth analysis of MPL and Maintenance Training, with attendees discovering the latest immersive technologies and techniques to improve operational safety and efficiency in a Korean, regional and global context. Attendees will have access to conference sessions followed by in-depth workshops, allowing participants to discuss the issues at hand in greater detail.

Event Profile

  • Conference

    Aviation training must advance to match the new demands of commercial operations.

    The challenge is to blend lessons learnt with the use of the best of new technology and techniques.

    The Asian Aviation, Education and Training Symposium 2019 (AAETS 2019) will focus on an in-depth coverage of two major industry training disciplines – Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) & Maintenance Training – in order to identify current best practice.

    Conference sessions will focus on the following elements:

    Multi-Crew Pilot Licence

    • Current and future regulation
    • Practical syllabi – lessons learnt and improvements
    • Preferred training equipment/platforms
    • Seamless introduction of graduates into airline operation
    • Actual measured online performance of graduates
    • Rate of Progress to Command

    Maintenance Training

    • Human Factors
    • SMS in maintenance training
    • Non technical topics for maintenance training

    Each session in the conference hall will be followed by a workshop discussion on that session’s topics.

    Speakers at the 2019 conference will represent organisations including KAC, MOLIT, CAE, Center Air Pilot Academy, MINT Software Systems, Aviation Performance Solutions, FlightSafety International, Leonardo Helicopters, Japan Airlines, Orbit Performance, Aeroteam, US FAA, The Boeing Company and EVA Airways.

  • Exhibition

    The rapid evolution in technology and learning tools in Aviation Training mean that careful evaluation and selection of training processes is essential to be able to provide adapted training for new entrants and experienced operators alike.

    The AAETS Exhibition will allow companies to showcase their products and services to an international audience consisting of senior aviation professionals from up to 50 countries.

    The aim of AAETS is to develop professional training and educational support programmes for safer and more efficient operations in commercial aviation, airport and air traffic management.

  • Prices

    Delegate Ticket: $265 USD

    All tickets include admission to the conferences, exhibition, networking evening and Industry meetings*. Lunches and refreshments during the conference hours are also included at no extra cost.

  • Why MPL and Maintenance Training

    Given the rapid build up of the numbers of new aircraft in the Asia Pacific region, there is a challenge in recruiting and training the large numbers of competent people to operate these new fleets. This concern is for both technicians who maintain the aircraft, and the pilots who will fly them. The new technologies in these latest generation aircraft mean that the training has to prepare for understanding and competency in that environment, and not simply to use previous training methodologies and platforms.

    Unique Opportunity to Hear in Depth About MPL and Maintenance Training

    One relatively new approach to pilot training is the Multi- Crew Pilot Licence (MPL)), in which ab initio pilots follow a syllabus aimed at facilitating their entry directly into the right hand seat of the fleet, and the technician teams need to be trained on the new systems right from the start. AAETS will provide in-depth analysis of MPL and Maintenance Training, with attendees discovering the latest immersive technologies and techniques to improve operational safety and efficiency in a Korean, regional and global context.

    Meet the Speakers

    Attendees will be able to listen to the great team of experts in the conference, but they will also be able to join in the workshops with the speakers to discuss the subject matters in more detail.


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