AIR Convention Asia 2021 - DATE TO BE CONFIRMED

Event Information

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the AIR Convention Asia 2020 event has been postponed to 2021.

We believe this decision works in the best interest of the health and safety of our team members, speakers, exhibitors, and all attendees.
Safety concerns together with coronavirus travel restrictions also became a reason for some of the airlines and speakers to cancel their participation in the conference. As a platform built around quality networking, we assume this would inevitably result in a loss of value promised to our customers.

Alternatively, we are taking a path of adaptation to a new digital reality and launching a project named AIR Convention Digital Week united by the theme “Next steps for aviation amid COVID-19: a survival guide for aviators”. Thus, the event, earlier postponed from May to June 2020, will now take place in an online setup and have a different angle.

With Digital Week, we are focusing our efforts on assisting aviation businesses in these economically uncertain times. During five days of fruitful discussions, invited experts will talk over the most effective ways of recovery for the aviation business amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

AIR Convention Digital Week will combine the two most significant values of the conference: serving as a point of in-depth discussions and a business networking platform.

Please, accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the changes. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to you joining us in the AIR Convention online experience.

More information about AIR Convention Digital Week will be available soon.

AIR Convention is a series of international aviation events that bring leading industry professionals to network, share ideas and introduce their latest products. It is quickly becoming one of the largest and most influential commercial aviation forums and key networking platforms across the globe.

AIR Convention Asia 2020 focuses on discovering New Business Opportunities in Asia. With the three main pillars – International Markets, Profitability/Efficiency and Tech & Innovation, the 2020 conference will continue to bring an extensive overview of the commercial aviation industry in the region. Packed with a variety of cutting-edge topics, AIR Convention Asia 2020 will accommodate opinion exchange on the best practices while also building connections, finding unexplored market niches and sharing effective solutions.

Event Profile

  • Attendees

    AIR Convention Asia 2020 invites 100+ global leading airlines, 250+ key aviation companies, airports, aircraft manufacturers and around 1000 aviation industry experts to start the proactive discussion on the major trends in Asia’s market.

    Among the attending airlines for 2020 are Air Asia, Spice Jet, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, United, British Airways and dozens more.

    See the full attendee list here:

  • Conference Structure

    Every AIR Convention event is built upon its central panel – Commercial Aviation Forum, broken down into smaller streams, like Overview Section, Airlines, Airports, Aircraft & Engine Manufacturing, and MRO. Aside from the main panel, there are always additional parallel streams to cover different aspects of the industry:

    • Consumer Behavior

    The Consumer Behavior panel stream will explore emerging opportunities essential for growing business in Asia from the perspective of the customer experience. Combining an extensive overview of the latest successful strategies within the region with in-depth analysis, the panel will cover all things related to customer loyalty and customer retention, changing consumer behavior, adapting new marketing strategies to appeal to customers internationally as well as building smart and efficient profit-oriented customer policy.

    • Finance & Banking

    This panel will examine how Asia‘s growth impacts the economy, finance sector, and contemporary finance solutions. After providing a thorough global and regional economic outlook, the panel will pay closer attention to emerging financial markets in Asia. With plenty of fresh opportunities for the financial market and emerging economic regions in Asia and beyond, the panel raises a reasonable question – where to invest in the upcoming 5 years?

    • Air Tech

    The conference essential, AIR Tech panel is designed to examine how the progressive tech solutions that drive the aviation industry in Asia forward, can also help to cope with unprecedented growth and reach greater profitability in the region. This panel will overview the latest aviation technology developments, providing a thorough outlook on the innovations of the sector. AIR Tech will additionally raise a number of important questions in order to understand how new smart solutions ranging from security practices to augmented reality projects can shape the future of the industry.

    • HR & Training

    The HR & Training panel will discuss the most effective HR management strategies that open up new business opportunities for the aviation training sector in Asia. Aviation training and innovation, new solutions to pilot training, meeting industry demand and applying effective recruitment strategies – the panel provides a detailed analysis of the Human Resources and Aviation Training scene, both globally and in Asia.

  • Speakers

    The conference invites C-level industry executives to deliver presentations. This time, the lineup features more than 80 speakers, including experts from Air Vistara, Etihad, IndiGo, Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, Embraer, Nok Air, Jet Star and many more.

  • Previous Events

    AIR Convention is currently represented by two annual events: one in Europe and the other in Asia. Each of the events is thoughtfully designed to review the current state of aviation markets in the regions, while also providing quality networking opportunities for its attendees.

    AIR Convention Europe 2019 welcomed renowned specialists as keynote speakers  (József Váradi, CEO of Wizzair, Joerg Eberhart, CEO of Air Dolomiti, Kimo Maki, CEO of Finavia and more). Having dedicated 15+ hours to astute industry analysis, the conference received strongly positive feedback from its participants. See the 2019 event agenda.

    AIR Convention Asia 2019 became one of the biggest aviation conferences ever held in Thailand. With 60+ industry experts invited as speakers – Steven U. Hazy, Executive Chairman of Air Lease Corporation, Steve Smith, Vice President and Head of Global Sales at Japan Airlines, John S.Schubert, Managing Director of Marketing (Asia Pacific and India) at Boeing, the event was all about booming aviation market in Asia and finding efficient ways to cope with its unprecedented growth.

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