Aerospace & Defence MRO KARNATAKA 2023

Event Information

Aerospace & Defence MRO KARNATAKA 2023 is the first of the region-specific conferences from the STAT Media Group. Themed “Invest in MRO KARNATAKA’ the two-day event promises to give you insights about the exciting developments MRO industry in Karnataka. With experts having a wealth of experience as speakers, presenters and panelists, every session of the conference will touch upon relevant and important topics covering the MRO industry.

It is an exclusive conference where the luminaries, thought-leaders, and experts will congregate to discuss, debate and deliberate on relevant topics on the MRO business, and share and exchange knowledge on current MRO trends and challenges.


Here are a few reasons why attend:

Networking: Aerospace & Defence MRO Karnataka provides an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals from around the world. Avail of the chance to meet and connect with potential partners, clients, and suppliers, as also share and take back learnings, experiences and perspectives

Knowledge-sharing: The Summit features a variety of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that cover the latest trends and developments in the industry. Gain industry-ready knowledge from experts and thought leaders, as also deep dive into the challenges and opportunities prevalent in the industry.

Explore opportunities for investment: Karnataka is one of the fastest-growing states in India, and the aerospace and MRO industry is a key part of that growth. There is a buzz in the air, not only from major OEM’s who have set up shop in Karnataka, but also from government efforts to promote the state as the aerospace capital of not just India, but Asia.

Attending ‘Aerospace & Defence MRO KARNATAKA 2023’ is a great way to get immersed in what is to become the world’s third-largest aviation market, network, learn, and connect with business leaders and partners. Come, attend and forge new associations and explore investment opportunities aplenty.

Make sure you pencil the dates 22-23 September 2023 in your diary for Aerospace & Defence MRO KARNATKA, today!

See you soon in Bengaluru…

About Organiser

The STAT Trade Times popularly known as STAT Times published every month is dedicated to provide in-depth coverage for the Aviation industry globally. STAT Times is the only integrated transport news source which is appreciated and used by the decision makers for their commercial benefits since 1986.

Having been involved in the dissemination of information in the aviation industry for over three decades, STAT Times finds enormous opportunities in the Aviation MRO market in India which is estimated to be US$ 1.7 billion in 2021. Also, it is now expected to cross US $4 billion by 2030.

The Ministry of Defence in India (MoD) is actively engaging with the private players for MRO of defence aircrafts. With over a 1,000 aircraft currently on order, the country is likely to become the third-largest buyer of commercial passenger planes in the world, only after the US and China.

The Industry says that this shall create a demand for 200–300 major maintenance checks annually. Replacing ageing aircraft in the fleets of several airlines also creates scope for MRO to meet redelivery contracts.

Thus, after the successful conclusion of 4th edition of Aerospace & Defence MRO South Asia summit, STAT Times is back with a region specific AEROSPACE & DEFENCE MRO KARNATAKA 2023 Summit. The theme of the conference “Invest in MRO Karnataka” attempts to highlight the investment opportunities in Aerospace, MRO Tech, Research & other related industries in the region, to prospective players at large.


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