8th Annual Civil Avionics International Forum 2019

Event Information

The 8th annual Civil Avionics International Forum (CAIF) 2019 will be held in Shanghai on April 16th-17th. Since its inception in 2012, with more than 3,000 attendees, spanning 5 continents and over 20 countries, the annual Civil Avionics International Forum (CAIF) has proven to be a truly global avionics forum.

Demand for safety-critical, more cost effective and intelligent civil avionics systems continues to rise. Attending our popular CAIF event will help you connect with new business opportunities. The CAIF has proven year after year to be a valuable source of industry inteligence assisting airborne software and hardware system suppliers remain on the right strategic path for their China business.

Approved by
China Association for Science and Technology

Hosted by
Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chinese Aeronautical Establishment

Advised by
Department of Equipment Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Airworthiness Certification Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China
Air Traffic Management Bureau, Civil Aviation Administration of China
Shanghai Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission

Guested by
Shanghai Airworthiness Certification Center, Civil Aviation Administration of China
AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd.

Supported by
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute
AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd.
China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd.
China Helicopter Design and Research Institute

Organized by
China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute
Key Laboratory of Integrated Technology of Avionics System

Event Profile

  • Hot Topics

    1. Recent Progress In Establishing Technical Confidence In Bilateral Cooperation Between China And The United States
    2. Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Specific Requirements For Airborne Hardware And Software Review And Trends In Future Policy Reviews
    3. Integrated Innovation Of Human Machine Interface In Cockpit Design
    4. System Architecture Design Of Model-based Development
    5. Ergonomic Evaluation Of Avionics System For Civil Aircraft
    6. Discuss The Prognostic And Health Management (PHM) Technology In The Life Cycle Of Avionics Equipment
    7. Digital Platform
    8. Application Of Integrated Modular Avionics System In Civil Aircraft
    9. Communication System.
    10. Advanced Cockpit Usage Requirements Based On User Flight Experience
    11. Discussion On The Strategic Layout And Development Of General Aviation Avionics System.
    12. Airworthiness Safety Design Of Electronic Flight Control System.
    13. Detection Technology Of Meteorological Radar In The Process Of Entering And Approaching
    14. Aviation Electronic System Simulation Technology For Health Management
    15. How To Form A Practical Interface Control Document(ICD) In The Joint Definition Phase
    16. Design And Implementation Of Airborne AFDX Network Management System
    17. New Technology And Equipment For Monitoring Open Space In Cooperation With Civil Aviation Airspace
    18. Artificial Intelligent Navigation System


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